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Signal Die-Cut Magnets:
Circles, Squares, Arrows, Triangles, Stars and Hearts
6 Shapes and 17 colors.

With these magnet colors and shapes you scan your board and instantly see the info you need
without reading or posting a word. Flag deadlines, status, bottlenecks, milestones and
action points for instant attention.

One of the most effective ways to get the best communication performance from your magnetic white board is using these magnet status signals and symbols, assigning meanings to the 6 shapes and 17 colors. They catch your eye immediately, visually demand attention, eliminate much of the writing and erasing, make identification of status and condition fast and easy and let your eye scan the board for instant recognition, counting and status grouping.

To order the correct Magnet Marking Pens for these matte finish magnet signals and symbols,
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Die-Cut Magnet Signals & Symbols -
Matte finish, write-on / wipe-off Easy-Grip Edges.
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Price per Package* (all same size)
1 - 45 - 910 - 2425 - 4950 +
Circle Status Signals
3/8" dia.50$15.59$15.12$14.65$14.19$13.72#S-CR38M
1/2" dia.5017.9917.4616.9116.3815.83#S-CR5M
5/8" dia.5020.4919.8719.2618.6518.03#S-CR58M
3/4" dia.5022.8922.2021.5220.8320.15#S-CR75M
7/8" dia.5026.4925.7024.9024.1123.31#S-CR78M
1" dia.5032.5931.6130.6329.6628.68#S-CR1M
1-1/2" dia.2526.4925.7024.9024.1123.31#S-CR15M
2" dia.2535.9934.9133.8332.7531.67#S-CR2M
Square Status Signals
Arrow Status Signals
1/2 x 1"25$21.59$20.94$20.29$19.65$19.00#S-ARW1M
1 x 2"2533.6932.6831.6730.6629.65#S-ARW2M
1-5/8 x 3"1038.4937.3436.1835.0233.87#S-ARW3M
Triangle Status Signal
1-1/2" Triangle25$33.69$32.68$31.67$30.66$29.65#S-TT15M
Star Status Signals
1-1/2" Star10$19.29$18.71$18.13$17.56$16.98#S-SR15M
2" Star1028.8928.0227.1626.2925.42#S-SR2M
3" Star1043.2941.9940.6939.3938.09#S-SR3M
Heart Status Signals
7/8" Heart10$21.00$20.00$19.00$18.00$17.00#S-HRT78M
1-3/8" Heart1026.0025.0024.0023.0022.00#S-HRT13M
2-3/8" Heart526.0025.0024.0023.0022.00#S-HRT23M
3-3/8" Heart537.0036.0035.0034.0033.00#S-HRT33M
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*DAMP-ERASE PENS for use on these MATTE FINISH magnet signals and symbols.

Important: DO NOT USE dry-erase whiteboard markers on Matte finish magnets. They will stain.

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