School Bus
Magnetic Dry-erase Whiteboard Scheduling System kits

Display and quickly update school bus scheduling, driver/fleet assignments,
maintenance updates, route, trip and transportation department activities, etc.

From school transportation departments requests ove the years, we've developed these color-coded magnetic board kits for displaying, changing and visually communicating bus scheduling, driver/fleet assignments, maintenance updates, route, trip and transportation department activities, etc.

They're ideal for posing and viewing the overall picture with enough space available for notes and pertinent details.

If you would like one of our specialists help you find the board you have in mind or help you design one, please call 800 624 4154, No obligation. We can build and ship it to you in 3 business days or less.

#XSBDEnlargeSchool Bus Driver and Fleet StatusBoard ™
Magnetic School Bus Driver and Fleet StatusBoard

See each driver with assigned bus, absent drivers, sub-drivers, field trips with drivers, spare and out-of-service buses.

#XSBIEnlargeSchool Bus Vehicle Information Tracker ®
School transportation department activity

Daily schedule, driver status, bus maint., field trips, sub assignments, school year info and daily notes. 4 Sizes

#EXTBUEnlargeSchool Bus Trips by time
School Bus Trip Schedule by Time

See your school bus trips on 10 minute intervals
for 12 hours plus evenings and special trips

Write-on magnet strip colors to show trip type and length posted with trip data. 3 Sizes

#MAPVideoEnlargeMagnaMaps ® Printed Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard Maps
MagnaMap® magnetic printed steel whiteboard Maps

Huge selection, full color-detail, outline, satellite and
custom: any size or style with map magnet supplies.

#STWEnlargeIn-Out 5 or 7-day StaffingWeek
StaffingWeek Work Schedules:
5 or 7-Day In & Out Boards

for Volunteers, or part-time or people. 5 Sizes

#IMEnlargeIn-Out, Name & Write-A-Note
In-Out & Write-a-Note 3 Sizes

A few eye-catching words makes this board really work.

#PHOEnlargePhotosUp ® Boards
Photos-UP® Instant Photo Exhibit Boards

Create a photo gallery as fast as you can move your hands!

#KYVVideoEnlargeCardView ® Organizer
CardView® Organizers

See and read a whole card file in 15 colors. 8 Sizes

#TCKVideoEnlargeT Card Visible Files
T-Scan® T-Card File Panels

Combines the visibility of a magnetic board with the
in-depth data & hands-on access of a card file. 7 Sizes

#VHUEnlargeVehicle Service Job Schedule
Vehicle Tracking Service-Monitor

Daily schedule with status of each job in shop. 3 Sizes

#PVMEnlargeVehicle & Equipment Maintenance ™
Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance

Schedule by mileage or hours. 3 Sizes

#EYREnlargeEquipment 12-Month Planner
Equipment 12-Month Planner

Anticipate equipment productivity needs

#WWMVideoEnlargeMagnetic Steel WhiteWall ® Wall Panels
Magnetic Steel WhiteWall® Wall Panels

Cover your walls with magnetic dry-erase steel WhiteWall®
paneling that encourages everyone to share their ideas.

#RCVideoEnlargeRotoCube ® Rotating Bulletin Towers
RotoCube® 19" Magnetic
Bulletin Towers display 24 sq. ft.

No walls nearby? Try these right in the traffic stream

#CHMVideoEnlargeChartView ® Project ChartJacket ® Boards
Magnetic ChartView® Boards
with patented Magnetic ChartJackets®

Quickly display, change and transport protected
paper charts with no dog-ears, creases or wrinkles!

#CJKVideoEnlargeMagnetic Multiple Document Display ChartJackets ®
Transparent Magnetic Display ChartJackets®

Neatly display and change protected papers. 3 Sizes

#ZVEnlargeRollAround ™ 1 or 2 sided Vertical Board Stands
RollAround 1 or 2 sided Vertical Board Stands

With any of our whiteboards built-in. 5 Sizes

#OYRVideoEnlargeMagnetic 365 Day Planning Calendar
GiantYear® 365-Day Magnetic Calendar Planner

See every color-coded activity for fast updating. 2 Sizes

#YTEnlarge365 Day YearMaster ® Timeline Calendar Plan
YearMaster® 365-Day Magnetic Dateline Planner

31 days across x 12 months down. 2 Sizes

#WAKVideoEnlargeWakTack ® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack Magnets
WakTack® Extra-Strong Rare Earth Magnets

Holds 10 paper sheets or 6 oz. of keys on steel surfaces.

#KMVideoEnlargeStick-Anywhere ™ MagnaSnap ® Note Holder Magnetic Paper Clip
Stick-Anywhere MagnaSnap® Paper Clamps

Hinged-Magnet press-on adhesive-backed
clam grips 5 or more sheets. 3 Sizes. Patented.

#LNDEnlargeIndividual Die-Cut Exact-Letters ® Magnetic or Adhesive
Exact Letter®, Individual Die-Cut Characters

Order just the ones you need. Magnetic or adhesive.
Sizes to 23", 24 Colors, 5 Font styles, Indoors or Out

#HTUVideoEnlargeGrip-a-Sheet ® Transparent Document display bars
Grip-A-Sheet® transparent sheet display bars

Use on walls, doors, cabinets, any flat surface. 7 Sizes

#CPZVideoEnlargeCustom-Printed Magnetic Whiteboards
Custom-Printed Steel Whiteboards and MagnaMaps®

Your design heat-fused printed into MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel surface. Up to 4x12' boards & larger in sections.