#ST1834M 3h x 4'w 52 line item rows (in 2 groups) x 18 steps, ready-to-use with magnets and supplies   $579

See, schedule, track and control the life cycle stages of jobs, projects, activities or anything with a start, finish and stages between. Ideal for construction stages, training enrollment, certification programs, engineering project steps, relocation stages, preventive maintenance, assembly steps, etc. Write on the board and use magnets.

System comes with write-on tools, charting supplies and optional magnetic accessories carefully selected for each board with everything you need to quickly set up and operate, including card-keying template for a professional-looking display. Use the 5 magnetic cardholders colors to show line item classes (red = 2nd year trainees, etc.) and the 10 card colors for additional data (green card = manager trainee, etc.). The 10 write-on magnet 3/4" symbol colors let you display the item's status at each step or stage.

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The Step-by-Step Board
Line Item Schedule
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Dry-erase Tools
72' x 3'342#ST723M$419#ST723T$309
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354' x 10'3114#ST35410M1489#ST35410T1209
423' x 4'126#ST4234M579#ST4234T419
434' x 8'276#ST4348M1149#ST4348T949
554' x 10'276#ST55410M1489#ST55410T1209
664' x 6'138#ST6646M879#ST6646T689
904' x 8'138#ST9048M1149#ST9048T949
1144' x 10'138#ST114410M1489#ST114410T1209
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Dry-erase tools include: dry-erase pens and markers in 4 colors, magnetic eraser / pen holder, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner / conditioner, and large lint-free board wipes.
Magnet system includes: Dry-erase tools, magnet 1" x 4" cardholders in 5 colors and cards in 10 colors for line items, magnetic vertical non-slip 5/8" x 6" black cardholders for column heads, Letter-Easy PC card insert lettering system, 3/4" magnet symbols in 10 colors, damp-erase pens-black, press-on die-cut adhesive letter & number sets for title, bold line tapes and a magnet storage box.

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