Board Stands and Display Options

Not enough wall space where you want your board?
No problem. We offer lots of ways to display it where you need it.

Stands let you display your whiteboard in exactly the right position to command the most attention in your workplace. People will often not walk to a wall if it is not convenient. These bring the information to your people.

Order any of our whiteboards, MagnaMaps®, bulletin boards or other boards built into a handsome rugged RollAround Stand with locking casters or in any of our other board display options. (Many patented)

#ZVEnlargeRollAround ™ 1 or 2 sided Vertical Board Stands
RollAround 1 or 2 sided Vertical Board Stands

With any of our whiteboards built-in. 5 Sizes

#ZHEnlargeRoll Around ™ 2-Sided Pivot Stands
RollAround White Board Pivot Stands
with 2-sided plain or printed boards.

Pivots like a paddlewheel and locks in place .4 Sizes

#ZCEnlargeRollAround ™ 2-Sided Carousel Stands
Pivoting Carousel RollAround® Stands

with a 2-sided plain or printed whiteboard. 3 Sizes

#ZFTEnlargeStand Replacement Foot Assembly w/Wheels
Stand Replacement Foot Assembly w/Wheels

#ZTEnlargeMultiple Board Track Stands
TrackStand Multiple Whiteboard Display

A roomful of sliding display boards of different
sizes on a free-standing easel stand. 6 Sizes.

#HRZEnlargeVertical sliding HighRizer ™ Boards
HighRizer Vertical Sliding Whiteboard Cabinets

When you need 2 magnetic whiteboards
but only have wall space for one. 2 Sizes.

#ESLEnlargeWhiteboard Folding 4-Leg Safety Easel
Folding 4-Leg
Whiteboard Safety Easel

4 legs give it stability. folds for storage & transport

#EVVideoEnlargeSwingView ® Hinged Panel display - Wall or Stand
SwingView® System:

A roomful of boards on a 2-sided hinged
swinging panel wall bracket or stand. 5 Sizes

#SWVMVideoEnlargeSwingView ® Map Center - Wall or Stand
SwingView® MapCenter

holds up to 12 maps and display panels. 5 Sizes

#RCVideoEnlargeRotoCube ® Rotating Bulletin Towers
RotoCube® 19" Magnetic
Bulletin Towers display 24 sq. ft.

No walls nearby? Try these right in the traffic stream

#RCISVideoEnlargeRotoCube ® Island 34"w Rotating Whiteboard Tower
RotoCube® 34"w Rotating Bulletin Tower Island

A full wall (42 square feet) of plain or printed whiteboards,
fabric or cork tack bulletin boards, planning calendars, etc.