124" SlideTrack set displays one tier of Magnatag® boards 2 rows deep:
whiteboards, map boards or FabricTack® boards. Front row slides over back row.
124 inch long set of 2 SlideTracks
(does not include boards)
same including the 5 boards * shown in this photo#STD2124-PHOTO-1$2109

Satin Aluminum Wall SlideTracks with 2 channels, hold 1 or 2 rows of sliding boards that lift out and reinsert in any position. Attach them to or build them into walls, upright posts or any vertical surface. These tracks fit any of the wall hung Magnatag® MagnaLux® framed whiteboards, Maps, CorkTack® or CardView® Boards that appear on this website. Ideal for conference, team, classroom or visual control center.

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The SlideTrack Sets,
2 tracks deep
1 Tier of SlidePanels
2 Tiers of SlidePanels
Track Set Only - without boards
Track Set with the 5 boards* in the photo above
Need a system from 3 to 12 tracks deep?: See our PlanView® Track Cabinet Systems (Code PV).
To select the track length for your display: add the horizontal length of the boards to be displayed in one track plus 4" for sliding room. Track lengths shown here accommodate various combinations of our 2', 3', 4' and 6 ft. board lengths.

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* System shown in the above photo: #STD2124-PHOTO-1 SlideTrack Set with the 5 boards shown in the above photo includes 1 each 3'h x 4'w Plain White, 1-1/4"h horizontal rows and 1" x 1" grid, plus 1 each 3'h x 2'w blue FabricTack® and plain whiteboard. Also includes Write-on tools with 8 dry-erase pens and markers in 4 colors, magnetic eraser / pen holder, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner / conditioner and large lint-free board wipes.

To order different boards than the ones in the above photo, select the boards separately from this website, plus the set of SlideTracks above. Make sure the boards are all the same height to fit into the same set of tracks. Widths can vary. Any of our tracks will accomodate any of the wall-hung Magnatag® MagnaLux® framed whiteboards, Maps, FabricTack®, CorkTack® or CardView® Boards that appear on this website.

Note: FabricTack® or CorkTack boards should be used in the front row.