Student Progress-Tracker®
Magnetic Whiteboard System Kits

One glance shows you exactly how each student is performing in each subject.
Magnet signal colors: Yellow = Borderline, Red = At Risk, Blue = Intervention, Orange & Green = Your Codes.
Sizes for 60 to 1224 students x 5 to 30 subjects.

You can also quickly spot class and subject performance trends and patterns alerting you in time to consider early attention action.

Optional privacy screens. One of our most popular school board systems.

#XSPCVideoEnlarge12-Subject Student Progress-Trackers ®
12-Subject Student Progress-Trackers®

For full color-coded overview of your school, grade
or class's student progress in up to 12 subjects.
9 Sizes; 40 to 816 students

#XSPTVideoEnlarge5 Subject E.L.A. Student Progress-Trackers ®
5 Subject E.L.A. Student Progress-Trackers®

Ideal for elementary grades: Magnet signal colors show students meeting standard, borderline, at risk or intervention status on 5 subjects. 9 Sizes: 60 to 1224 students.

#XTTBVideoEnlargeElementary School Daily Teaching Schedules
Elem. School Daily Timeline Teaching Schedules

Daily subject time schedule, special subjects and staffing assignments on three 15-minute. 7:30-4, school-day timeline scale rows. 5 Sizes

#XSPPVideoEnlarge30-Subject Student Progress-Tracker ®
30-Subject Student Progress-Tracker®

Magnet dot colors show students meeting standard, borderline, at risk and intervention status. This 30-subject series is ideal for academy and non-traditional schools. 9 sizes 20 to 408 students

#XSPEVideoEnlarge8-Subject Student Progress-Trackers ®
8-Subject Student Progress-Trackers®

Student progress in 8 subjects displayed with magnet colors showing borderline, at risk, intervention or your own code.
9 Sizes: 40 to 952 sudents

#XTOBEnlargeTeacher-Observation Weekly Year Schedule
School year Teacher Observation Schedule

Magnet colors show walkabout, drop-in & formal. 4 Sizes

#EXENREnlargeStudent Enrollment & Progress Tracker
Enrollment & Progress Student Tracking

Track student or trainee progress through program or course steps and stages with color-coded magnetic signals.

10 sizes: 52 to 756 students or trainees

#AKVideoEnlargePrivateEye ® Privacy Screen
Private-Eye Privacy screens lowers over Whiteboards. Pulley-operated. 5 Sizes

#CPZVideoEnlargeCustom-Printed Magnetic Whiteboards
Custom-Printed Steel Whiteboards and MagnaMaps®

Your design heat-fused printed into MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel surface. Up to 4x12' boards & larger in sections.