Magnets, Whiteboard Dry-Erase Tools and Charting Accessories

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We make and offer top quality whiteboard supplies that show color-coded ID and status information and are easy to move. Our wide range, from extra-strong WakTack® magnets, to PreciseLine® whiteboard tapes, make displaying your story fast, easy and completely flexible.

If you don't see the item you need (many patented), Please contact us. We may have it or can make it for you.

Magnetic Cardholders and Card Inserts with Keying TemplateMagnetic Cardholders and Card Inserts with Keying TemplateVideoEnlargeCardholder Card Inserts
(Computer Print)Cardholder Card Inserts (Computer Print)Enlarge
Magnetic Multiple Document Display ChartJackets®Magnetic Multiple Document Display ChartJackets ® VideoEnlargePreciseLine® Tapes for
Whiteboards and MapsPreciseLine ® Tapes for Whiteboards and MapsVideoEnlarge
WakTack® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack MagnetsWakTack ® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack MagnetsVideoEnlarge2-Sided FlipOver® Do-Done® Symbol Magnets2-Sided FlipOver ® Do-Done ® Symbol MagnetsVideoEnlargeDie-Cut Write-on
Symbol MagnetsDie-Cut Write-on Symbol MagnetsVideoEnlarge
Write-on Magnets
in die-cut sizesWrite-on Magnets in die-cut sizesVideoEnlarge
Magnet StripsWrite-on Magnet StripsVideoEnlarge
MagnaSnap® Note Holder
Magnetic Paper ClipStick-Anywhere ™ MagnaSnap ® Note Holder Magnetic Paper ClipVideoEnlarge
Individual Die-Cut
Magnetic or AdhesiveIndividual Die-Cut Exact-Letters ® Magnetic or AdhesiveEnlarge
Card Jackets (Magnetic & Adhesive) and Card InsertsCard Jackets ™ (Magnetic & Adhesive) and Card InsertsEnlarge
2-Sided FlipOver® LongLine Write-on Magnets2-Sided FlipOver ® LongLine ™ Write-on MagnetsVideoEnlarge2-Sided FlipOver® Write-on Die-cut Magnets2-Sided FlipOver ® Write-on Die-cut MagnetsEnlargeShelf Tag Write On MagnetsShelf Tag Write On MagnetsEnlargeIndex Set
Whiteboard MagnetsIndex Set Whiteboard MagnetsVideoEnlarge
LED Signal MagnetsFlashTack ® LED Signal MagnetsVideoEnlarge
Strong Ceramic
Symbol MagnetsStrong Ceramic Symbol MagnetsEnlarge
TackPoint® Magnets
with Pivot-PointerTackPoint ® Magnets with Pivot-Pointer ™ VideoEnlarge
Map-Magnet MagnaMap® Animation KitsMap-Magnet MagnaMap ® Animation KitsVideoEnlarge
Card Grip Magnetic or Adhesive Transparent Channel StripsCard Grip ™ Magnetic or Adhesive Transparent Channel StripsEnlargeMagnet Dry-Erase Clipboards Magnet Dry-Erase Clipboards EnlargeEquipment Symbol Write-on MagnetsEquipment Symbol Write-on MagnetsEnlargeFlow Chart Die-cut MagnetsFlow Chart Die-cut MagnetsEnlarge
FlipOver® Happy-Sad Smiley MagnetsFlipOver ® Happy-Sad ™ Smiley MagnetsVideoEnlargeLabelMount®
Magnet in RollsLabelMount ® Magnet in RollsEnlarge
Magnet-Mount® Adhesive backed Magnet in RollsMagnet-Mount ® Adhesive backed Magnet in RollsEnlargeGrip-a-Sheet®
Transparent Document display barsGrip-a-Sheet ® Transparent Document display barsVideoEnlarge
T-Cards, die-cutT-Cards, die-cutVideoEnlargeSets of Magnetic Die Cut letter or NumbersSets of Magnetic Die Cut letter or NumbersEnlargeSets of Block-printed Magnetic Letter or NumbersSets of Block-printed Magnetic Letter or NumbersEnlargeSets of Adhesive Die Cut Letter or NumbersSets of Adhesive Die Cut Letter or NumbersVideoEnlarge
Grid-printed write-on Magnet StripsGrid-printed write-on Magnet StripsVideoEnlargeFlipOver® Printed 2-Sided Sign MagnetsFlipOver ® Printed 2-Sided Sign MagnetsEnlargeWhiteboard
Dry-Erase Tool KitWhiteboard Dry-Erase Tool KitVideoEnlarge
Eraser & Pen HolderMagnetic Eraser & Pen HolderEnlarge
Dry Erase
Pens and MarkersDry Erase Pens and MarkersEnlarge
White Board CleanerWhite Board CleanerEnlargeMagnetic Marker TrayMagnetic Marker TrayEnlargeTrays, Magnetic UtilityTrays, Magnetic UtilityEnlarge
Pens - Damp-Erase magnet-markingPens - Damp-Erase magnet-markingEnlargeC-channel
Adhesive Card HoldersC-channel Adhesive Card HoldersVideoEnlarge
Magnetic Picture, Coat and Utility HooksMagnetic Picture, Coat and Utility HooksEnlargeWhiteboard Magnet
Storage BoxWhiteboard Magnet Storage BoxEnlarge
TackMountTackMount ™ EnlargeCubicle HangersCubicle HangersEnlargeIn & Out MagnetsIn & Out MagnetsEnlargeLabels - FlashSpot DotsLabels - FlashSpot ™ DotsVideoEnlarge
Magnet- Title BlanksMagnet- Title BlanksEnlarge   

Magnetic tools can signal locations on a map, keep track of time with in/out boards, and signify of progress on performance trackers. Magnets come in many shapes and sizes and indicate important eye-catching information. Simple write-on tools can be used to create unique magnets that meet your specific professional and personal needs.

If you need to pin related paperwork to an important board, numerous options are available, either by using magnets that can hold multiple papers in place or by using sleeves that stick directly onto the white board. Accessories like these can create a more organized look and remind employees and customers to look at, take or complete certain documents.

Dry erase supplies are also offered, with pens, markers and erasers to replenish stores. Being able to use and reuse a magnetic board, magnets and other items means being able to re-purpose or re-design a system for a business that is in the state of evolving. Other white board accessories such as storage boxes, cards, wipes and cleaners can keep your whiteboard solution clean and organized, extending the life of the board.