O. R. Surgery Hospital Scheduling
Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard System Kits

Kits include dry-erase tools, charting materials and optional magnets.

Many of our surgery scheduling whiteboards use unique 2-sided, dry-erase, 35" Long FlipOver® magnets that make instant triage changes possible by quickly moving full rows of procedural data.

#HXSREnlargeSurgery Schedule with LongMagnets ™
Surgery Schedule with Write-on Long Magnets

OR Patient Info on 35" Long 2-Sided Magnets.
4 Board Sizes

#HXSPEnlargeBasic Magnetic Surgery Schedule
Basic OR Schedule with write-on Long Magnet.

3 board sizes

#HXLDUBEnlargeWrite-on 2-Sided LongMagnets ™
2-Sided FlipOver® Long Magnets
for O.R. Surgery Schedules

Use Damp-Erase or Dry-erase pens and markers.
7 color-combinations

#HXOREnlargeSurgery Schedule
O.R. Surgery Schedule

4'x8' size for 34 procedures

#CPZVideoEnlargeCustom-Printed Magnetic Whiteboards
Custom-Printed Steel Whiteboards and MagnaMaps®

Your design heat-fused printed into MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel surface. Up to 4x12' boards & larger in sections.

#HXSUEnlargeSurgery Schedule (Abridged)
Write-on Magnetic Surgery Schedule

4'x 6' size for 34 procedures.

#HXSYEnlargeSurgery LineUp ™ Schedule
Surgery LineUp Schedule

3x2' size for 26 procedures

#HXABEnlargeAmbulatory Surgery Schedule
Ambulatory Surgery Schedule

4'x6' size for 34 procedures.

#ODLEnlargeOn-Duty Staff Locator
On-Duty Staff Locator 6 Sizes

In-Out and where staff is located throughout the day

#HXAYEnlargeAmbulatory Surgery Schedule
Ambulatory Surgery Schedule

3x4' Size for 25 procedures
(abridged version of #HXAB above)

#HXAMEnlargeOut-Patient Surgery Schedule
Out-Patient Surgery Schedule

2 board sizes:4x4' schedules 34 patients and 4x8' schedules 68 patients (or 34 for each of 2 days).

#HXSPMEnlargeSpeed-Posting ™ Printed Magnets for Hospitals
Speed-Posting Printed Magnets

for Hospital fast posting action!

#HXMOREnlargeO.R. Portable Miniboards
O.R. write-on Wall-mounted and Portable MiniBoards

3 Surgery tray count boards and OR exam / interview

#HXOXEnlargePre-Op Patient Exam Status
Pre-Op Patient Exam Status

2x3' size for 16 patients.

#HXOHEnlargeO.R Holding Area Status
O.R. Patient Holding Area Status Board

2 Sizes

#HXPHEnlargePre-OP Holding
Pre-OP Holding Board

3'h x 4'w size for 24 patients.

#HXTREnlargePre-OP Post-OP Patient Tracker
Pre-OP / Post-OP Patient-Tracker

3'x4' size for 24 patients.

#HXSDEnlargeOne-Day Surgery Schedule
One-Day Surgery Schedule

4'x4' size for 34 procedures.

#HXSSEnlargeSame Day Surgery Schedule
Same Day Surgery Schedule

4x4' size for 32 procedures.

#HXODEnlargeO.R. Team
O.R. Team

18" x 18"