#SWVMZ644M 4x4' holds twelve 4x4' maps and graphic presentations on six 2-sided hinged steel panels.   $7799

Opens to 180 degrees, (flat to the wall) at any point. Panels lift out and are interchangeable. Closes flat to the wall on either side. Holds six 2-sided hinged steel SwingPanels displaying up to 12 maps or other graphics, and is offered in 5 panel sizes from 2 x 3' to 4' x 4' and includes 12 magnetic MapMount® laminating sets with write-on clear film overlays, magnets and supplies for animating your maps. Change maps easily: The laminating is reversible without harming the map.

NEW: This map center can also be ordered with full color detail or black outline maps heat-fused printed directly into the whiteboard steel panel faces. Please contact us to discuss your map requirements.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

How It Works
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The SwingView® MapCenter
Magnetic Write-on Map Viewing Center
h x w
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with Magnets &
Dry-erase Tools
Same on a
RollAround Stand
2' x 3'6123" x 35"12#SWVMZ623M$3639#SWVMZ623M-QSV$4319
3' x 2'6135" x 23"12#SWVMZ632M3679#SWVMZ632M-QSV4389
3' x 4'6135" x 47"12#SWVMZ634M5609#SWVMZ634M-QSV6559
4' x 3'6147" x 35"12#SWVMZ643M5619#SWVMZ643M-QSV6649
4' x 4'6147" x 47"12#SWVMZ644M7799#SWVMZ644M-QSV8259
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Includes: Six 2-sided framed, hinged SwingPanels with MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel white board surfaces, a pivoting wall bracket to hold the six panels, 12 sets of magnetic HoldDown Bars, 1 magnetic DragBar, 12 OverSkin clear transparent films to fit the panels, damp-erase pens-black, ceramic magnets (5 colors), magnetic 1/2" x 3" cardholders (5 colors), 480 card inserts (10 colors), magnetic 1/2" x 1" arrows, 3/8" x 12" write-on magnet strips, write-on tools, magnet storage box and film storage tube.

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