#TCK10W . 35-1/4"h x 40"w ready-to-use with T-Cards and supplies   $639
About our MagnaLux® Whiteboard
Surface and BoldLyne Frames

5"h x 3-5/8"w T-Cards come in 10 colors with each multichannel T-Scan kit. (15 colors available). The T-top visible card area is 1" high. Using every 1/2" slot they display 1/2" (or 1" if you use every other card slot).

Steel panels having cup-shaped T-Card file-slots, T-Cards and supplies are Ideal for assembly instructions, materials, equipment and tool control, specifications, maintenance and purchasing, people-Job assignments, kanban job staging, or your own special application, etc. Kits include a card-keying template. Use it to create your own unique card forms. Display it anywhere you want instant visible card file access with in-depth data. The 58-slot panel columns come side-by-side for a wall-mounted card display of any number of columns or capacity. Shipped assembled and ready for use. Select from 8 capacities shown in the price chart below and order extra panels to expand its capacity at any time.

Systems include the 5"h x 3-5/8"w T-Cards in 5 or 10 colors (perforated 4-up for desktop printing, or individual cards), card-keying template, press-on FlashSpot status signals in 4 colors, month, day, date and action labels to fit the T-Card top for subdividing the display, and card inserts for the cardholder top heading and bottom trims. Top quality. Made in USA by Magnatag®. Money-back guarantee.

T-Scan systems are also available on Roll-Around Stands, in SwingView® 2-sided hinged SwingPanels and on RotoCube® rotating kiosks. Other assemblies with more or less columns, or combined with one or more of our other board systems are available on request.

It's amazing: in this inescapable digital world, the thousands of top companies that avoid frustrating, work-stopping "computer glitches" and keep date in view 24/7 by supplementing their digital systems with our hands-on, visible T-Scan® systems. Workers can see, organize and keep critical information instantly available in their work stations at their fingertips. You can count on our T-Scan® systems to keep right on working while others wait for the computer glitch-fixers to get them back in business. We can also custom position T-card file slots anywhere on our board's printed design.

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The T-Scan T-Card
Visible Card Display Systems

58 Slot
1/2" Vis.
1" Vis.
h x w
Steel Slotted Panels
with T-Cards & Supplies
Wall-mounted T-Scan® System, Assembled and ready-to-use
1582935-1/4" x 4"#TCK1W$139
31748735-1/4" x 12"#TCK3W309
529014535-1/4"x 20"#TCK5W419
740620335-1/4"x 28"#TCK7W479
1058029035-1/4" x 40"#TCK10W639
1269834835-1/4" x 48"#TCK12W769
1481240635-1/4"x 56"#TCK14W899
20116058035-1/4"x 80"#TCK20W1279
**Add-on Individual T-Scan® 58-slot column panels with trim
1582935-1/4" x 4" #TCK1W-FA$95
Roll-Around™ Stand with T-Scan® wall-system mounted on 1 side
1269634876" x 50"#TCK12W-ZV$1489
18104452276" x 74"#TCK18W-ZV2119
RotoCube® Rotating floor model Kiosk with built-in T-Scan® System
1692846476" x 19"#TCK16W-RCF$1909
Click Here to build your own RotoCube® Rotating 4-sided Kiosk with one or more sides T-Scan®
and remaining sides your choice of 11 other panels (white boards, bulletins, etc.)
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System includes: 58 slot (1/2" visible) T-Scan® column panels, Choice of 5" h x 3-5/8" w T-Cards in 10 colors, choices include: perforated 4-up on 8-1/2" x 11" card stock (for desktop printing) or single die-cut cards, 1/2" or 1" card top exposure*. Also includes printed month, day, date, action labels and label blanks, heading channel weekday printed card insert set and blanks, CD/ROM card-keying templates, and FlashSpot 1/4" adhesive status signals in 4 colors.

RollAround Stand available with T-Scan® files on both sides of the stand. Call for price and ordering information.
** Expand your T-Scan® wall-mounted system: by adding these 58-slot column panels.
Includes 35-1/4"h x 4"w 58-slot steel T-Scan® file column with enclosed back, top and bottom aluminum cardholder black trim and hidden hangers. Note: the trim will be sized to fit the number of add-on file column panels ordered. (ex.: if 4 add-on panels are ordered, a single set of trim will be supplied to fit the 4 panels.)
Add-on Panels do not include T-Cards or supplies.

* If using 1" card top exposure T-Cards, the top 1/2" of the card top is visible when using each of the 58 slots. For full 1" card top visibility, use alternate slots.

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Die-Cut T-Cards of paper index stock
Size: 5" high x 3-5/8" wide

Card Top
Price per pack of 200 T-Cards
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 - 99100 +
Index-stock T-Cards perforated 4-up on Letter Size Sheets
Index-stock Individually die-cut T-Cards
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Plastic die-cut T-Cards of matte vinyl
Use with damp-erase and permanent markers
Size 5" high x 3-5/8" wide

Card Top
Price per packagePkgs.
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
1/2"100 T-Cards$22$21$20$19$18#TCV1-5S53
1/2"200 T-Cards4039373533#TCV2-5S53

1"100 T-Cards$22$21$20$19$18#TCV1-1S53
1"200 T-Cards4039373533#TCV2-1S53
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Note: Vinyl T-Cards are not designed for computer printing. Use damp-erase or permanent pens or markers.

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Damp-Erase Marking pens for writing on
Magnets, Film and Plastic-Vinyl T-Cards

Price per Package of 6Pkgs.
One23 - 56 - 1112 +
Damp-Erase Black Pens$18$17$16$15$14#MFT6
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Magnetic Bulk T-card holders for 5"h x 3-5/8"w T-cards
(Holds 100 T-Cards) Clings magnetically to the bottom section of the T-card board


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FlashSpot Colored Signal Labels for T-Cards

Price per Package of 760 Dots
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
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T-Dex T-Card Portable Easel Ring-Binder
including 6 file-slotted T-Card 2-sided carrier pages for 5"h x 3-5/8"w T-Cards.

Includes: 6 T-Card slotted 1/3-tabbed page inserts, 3 pages each of white and dark beige (6 colors available: white, yellow, gray, dark beige, orange and tan). Each page insert holds up to 40 T-Cards in 1/2" spaced file slots (or 20 1" spaced cards) in 2 numbered columns (1 to 20) of 10 card slots on both front and back of the page. Also includes adhesive page index tab labels.
Binder / easel DOES NOT include T-CARDS.
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T-Dex T-Card slotted Carrier PAGES to fit easel-ring binder.
in sets of 3 tabbed pages per color (6 colors)
Insert Pages
file slots per
page side
file slots
per 3 page set
set of 3
(same color)

Includes: adhesive tab labels.