Timeline Scheduling and Tracking
Magnetic Whiteboard System kits

We offer whatever planning and scheduling timelines work for you with these flexible magnetic whiteboard kits.

Ideal for project planning, scheduling and tracking. Timeline scales and ranges can be exhibited in many ways on these magnetic board systems to fit your planning and tracking story line. This magnetic whiteboard kit selection offers a huge range of visual creativity.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right board kit for your requirement, Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. We ship in 3 business days or less. Our 49th year.

#GPEnlarge365 & 730 Day Timeline Project GrandPlanners ®
366 & 730-day TimeLine Line-item GrandPlanner®

Intensive Long-range management planning. 4 Sizes

#XPVideoEnlargeExpandaPanel ® Modular Timeline track panels
ExpandaPanel® Modular Timeline Track Schedules
Expandable to any length. Many options

#PAPEnlargePlan & Progress ™ Boards
Twin-Row Timeline Plan & Progress

Plan line-item's goals in the top timeline row then
post progress against it in the shaded row underneath. 5 Sizes

#PVVideoEnlargePlanView ® 3 to 10 track Slide Panel Cabinets
PlanView® Sliding Panel Track Cabinets

3, 6, 8 or 10 tracks hold from 3 to 20 sliding boards.

#BAEnlargeBig-Year ® 52-Wk Line Item Planner
52 Week Big-Year® Timeline Planner. 4 Sizes

#ATEnlarge365-Day Attendance- Vacation Schedule
365-Day Attendance Tracking and Vacation Monitor

Spot absentee patterns, motivate attendance plan vacations, training, duty and travel assignments. 3 Sizes

#VAEnlarge52 Week Vacation Planner
52-Week Vacation-Planner

Shows requested and granted vacation times. 3 Sizes

#CRKSEnlarge52 Week Goals vs Actual Sales for 16 Auto Dealer's Salespeople
52-Week Goal and Performance Tracker®

Double line-item rows for posting goal and actual

#PTSEnlarge52 Week Project Planner
52-Week Project timeline task Schedule

Tracks 16 task lines against a 52 week project
timeline for each of 3, 6, 9 or 12 projects. 4 Sizes

#EYREnlargeEquipment 12-Month Planner
Equipment 12-Month Planner

Anticipate equipment productivity needs

#RGVideoEnlargeRotoGraph ® Rolling Project Timeline Charts
RotoGraph® Endless Rolling Timeline Sleeve

Long Range Daily Project Line Planner. 24 models

#NDEnlarge90 Day Tracker Line-item Timeline
90 Day Line-Item Timeline Tracker®

4 grid scales for 10 or 14 line items. 4 Sizes

#YCEnlarge12 Mo. Line-Item Planner
12 Month Magnetic Line-Item Planner. 3 Sizes

#TODLEnlargeBigMonth ™ 31-Day Line Item Planner
31 Day BigMonth Timeline Planner

See, compare and update color-coded line item. 7 Sizes

#LYREnlarge365 Day Line Item Year
366-Day Magnetic Line Item Year

A comprehensive overview of important items, 2 Sizes

#TRXKEnlargeModular Daily Line Production
Daily Modular Timeline Job-Flow Tracker®

Track 39 to 70 jobs daily for 4, 6, 8 or more weeks 3 Sizes

#DLTEnlarge42 to 133 Day Timeline Planner
42 to 133 Day TimeLine Planner

38 line items daily for 6 to 19 weeks 4 Sizes

#DYEnlarge7 to 42 Day Timeline Sched.
Day-by-Day 7 to 42 day Timeline Calendar

for 32 or 44 line items. 4 Sizes

#DUEEnlargeDue-Date ™ 365-day Suspense Calendar
Due-Date Suspense Calendars

Schedules 365 day actions for up to 174 items. 3 Sizes

#DSUMEnlarge31 Day Timeline Shift Results Summary
31-Day Magnetic Performance & Summary Board

for 1, 2, or 3 shifts with daily summary for each. 4 Sizes

#LIMEnlargeLine Item 31-Day Months
MonthLine Project Line-Item Trackers®

Schedule and track line-items daily for 3 to 12 mos. 5 Sizes

#KTMEnlargeTimeTracker ® Job Loading
TimeTracker® CardView® Timeline Job Loading

To sequentially assign jobs of different
time lengths to machines and work cells, 5 Sizes

Purchase a timeline schedule template from us and you can have a whiteboard that brings a new level of organization to your company or business. With a single glance, all of the members of your staff will be able to see how a particular project is progressing and what still needs to be accomplished. A project plan timeline also helps employees to stay on schedule with the various phases of a project. Instead of wondering what to do next on a project, they can look at the project plan timeline to discover the next step towards completion.