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Card Jackets Magnetic and Adhesive Transparent
Color-coded Display Jackets and Cards

Clean, neat, handsomely displayed cards and notices in magnetic Card Jackets tell everyone
"who you are". They keep notices clean, flat, quick and easy to read, display, transport and dust-free.
5 Sizes, 3 styles, in yellow. white, red, blue, green colors and transparent. They come with magnet
or peel-away adhesive strips in position on the jacket.

Card Jackets ™ Magnetic and Adhesive Transparent Color-coded Display Jackets and Cards
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Transparent Vinyl Card Jackets
(Magnetic, adhesive backed or plain)
and Perforated Cards to fit the CardJackets

StylePackage ofPrice per Package (alike)Model No.Pkgs.
1 - 34 - 910 - 1920 - 3940 +
Card Jackets™: 8-3/4" x 12-1/4", Card Inserts: 8-1/2" x 11"
Magnetic25 Jackets$98$95$92$89$87#TJC81-M
Adhesive25 Jackets8381787673#TJC81-A
Plain25 Jackets5957565452#TJC81-X
8-1/2" x 11"200 Sheets4039383635#JCD81
Card Jackets™: 5-3/8" x 9-1/4", Card Inserts: 5" x 8"
Magnetic25 Jackets$81$79$76$74$72#TJC58-M
Adhesive25 Jackets7270686664#TJC58-A
Plain25 Jackets4948464543#TJC58-X
5" x 8"200 sheets
400 cards
Card Jackets™: Jacket: 4-3/8" x 7-1/4", Card Inserts: 4" x 6"
Magnetic25 Jackets$67$65$63$61$59#TJC46-M
Adhesive25 Jackets6159575654#TJC46-A
Plain25 Jackets4140393736#TJC46-X
4" x 6"200 sheets
400 cards
Card Jackets™: Jacket: 3-1/2 x 6-1/4", Card Inserts: 3-1/8" x 5"
Magnetic25 Jackets$59$57$56$54$52#TJC35-M
Adhesive25 Jackets5654535150#TJC35-A
Plain25 Jackets3635343332#TJC35-X
3-1/8" x 5"200 sheets
800 cards
Card Jackets™: Jacket: 2-5/8" x 4-3/4", Card Inserts: 2-1/4" x 3-1/2"
Magnetic25 Jackets$53$51$50$48$47#TJC24-M
Adhesive25 Jackets4443414039#TJC24-A
Plain25 Jackets3130292827#TJC24-X
2-1/4"x 3-1/2"200 sheets
1600 cards
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