97-1/2"h x 161"w x 14-1/2"d with 6 tracks and plain whiteboard steel back panels, holding
six 49" wide panels: 2 plain white steel, 1 CorkTack, 1 TackFree® fabric bulletin
1 ShadeLine® Rows, and 1 MapMount® with Overskin film and HoldDown bars.

Ideal where wall space is inadequate to exhibit all your graphics or where you want to show selected panels, keeping the others concealed, but ready to slide out for viewing.

Quick and easy to Order and Install: It sits on the floor and attaches to the wall. Leveler glide feet adjust for uneven floors. It should take about 3 to 4 hours (with a coffee break), 2 workers, a screwdriver, drill (for wall bracket attachment), framing square and carpenter's level.

Easy to Operate: Framed panels slide easily in the patented cabinet track system, but stay in place until you are ready to move them. You can lift out the rigid lightweight panels, interchange and sequence them to tell your story. Patented. Ideal for map display using our magnetic MapMount® laminating kit (it's reversible), or have your digital map graphics permanently heat-fused printed on one write-on magnetic steel panel or in sections for large maps. Our specialty since 1967. Call us at 800-624-4154.

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We ship TrackWall® units in 7 business days or less. Although it seldom occurs, we will notify you if your order requires more shipping time due to extra large, or complex custom board construction or assembly design.

Maps can also be ordered with full color detail or black outline maps heat-fused printed directly into the whiteboard steel panel faces. Please call us at 800 624 4154 and talk to us about your map requirements.

Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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to fit The TrackWall® display Cabinet (below)
Panel Size: 91" high x 49" wide each
MagnaLux® heat-fused printed or plain porcelain-like steel whiteboards,
MapMount®, TackFree® or CorkTack bulletin

Panel StylePrice Each (all alike)
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
Plain White$879$844$809$773$738#TWP-754W

1-1/4"h Rows$999$959$920$878$839#TWP-754H14

1-1/4"h Ghost Rows$999$959$920$878$839#TWP-754GH14

1"h ShadeLine® Rows$999$959$920$878$839#TWP-754SH1

6-1/2"w Columns$999$959$920$878$839#TWP-754COL7

1" Square Grid$999$959$920$878$839#TWP-754GS1

1" Square Ghost Grid$999$959$920$878$839#TWP-754GGS1

MapMount® System*$1369$1313$1260$1204$1151#TWP-754MXB

TackFree® System*$1029$988$947$905$864#TWP-754TF

FabricTack® Bulletin$879$844$809$773$738#TWP-754FFB

CorkTack Bulletin$879$844$809$773$738#TWP-754CK
*Click on MapMount® or TackFree®: for operation details of these systems with kit contents.
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The TrackWall® Cabinets
to hold above SlidePanels
Prices include a full width and height steel Whiteboard back panel.

3 TracksQty6 TracksQty8 TracksQty10 TracksQty
109" wide TrackWall® Cabinets 97-1/2" h
View 2 panels*: the front panel plus 1 slid into view
161" wide TrackWall® Cabinets 97-1/2" h
View 3 panels*: the front panel plus 1 or 2 slid into view. Can hold 2 panels per track**.
213" wide TrackWall® Cabinets 97-1/2" h
View 4 panels*: the front panel(s) plus 2 or 3 slid into view. Can hold 2 panels per track**.
265" wide TrackWall® Cabinets 97-1/2" h
View 5 panels*: the front panel(s) plus 3 or 4 slid into view. Can hold 2 panels per track**.
* SlidePanels can nest to the left or right end of the tracks.

** 161", 213", and 265" cabinets can hold 2 SlidePanels per track, nesting to both ends and slid to the middle to view.

Note: We cannot accept orders for the TrackWall® Cabinets unless the order also includes the SlidePanels to fit them.

Cabinet Depths: 3 Track = 8-1/2", 6 Track = 14-1/2", 8 Track = 17-1/2", 10 Track = 20-1/2"