4' 6"h x 13'4"w x 5"d. with a 4x6' front-track and 1" grid second-track whiteboard SlidePanels
plus a full steel plain whiteboard 4x13' fixed position back panel.

These PlanView® wall units let you easily slide a prepared magnetic whiteboard into view or conceal it behind the front sliding panel. The fixed third row back panel is a full width magnetic steel whiteboard which doubles the amount of display space available on your wall. It is 5" deep, 54" high x different width cabinets depending on the board widths selected. Our patented satin- aluminum extra strong light weight beam design keeps the slide tracks level and makes the unit fast and easy to install by 2 workers in a couple hours with a screwdriver and level.

Order it with your choice of the SlidePanels listed below or any of our 4' high framed boards offered on this website that are up to 8 ft wide. SlidePanels nest in the tracks and slide quietly left or right but stay in place when in use. You can easily lift one out to work on it or hang it separately on a wall, then re-insert it on either track.

This system ships in 7 business days or less. Individual sliding board panels, when ordered separately, ship in 3 business days.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

Order Here:
The Two-Track PlanView®
SlidePanel Wall Cabinets
with selected magnetic whiteboard panels.

88" w Cabinet
4x3' Panels
112" w Cabinet
4x4' Panels
160" w Cabinet
4x6' Panels
208"w Cabinet
4x8' Panels
Wall Cabinet with steel whiteboard back panel (does not include SlidePanels™)
Plain White SlidePanels™
CorkTack™ SlidePanels™
1-1/4" Horizontal Row SlidePanels™
1x1" Grid SlidePanels™
World Map SlidePanels™
USA Map SlidePanels™

1: Order any other framed wall board offered on this website that is 4 ft. high and not over the width specified to fit the cabinet you select.

2. For track systems with more than 2 tracks, see PlanView® Visual Control Centers.

QUESTION about this product?: click here One of our experienced specialists will respond.