#USTR2046M-TDX . 4x6' for 20 Salespeople
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Each time a salesperson sells a specific model he puts its color-coded magnet signal in the today space opposite his name. It gives you a tracking picture of your sales operation that no other board or chart can match. You immediately spot who is moving which models, who is not, how your sales month is progressing model-by-model and which models need extra sales incentive attention. It also doubles as a contest board with space for posting and changing performance rankings as the month progresses.

Each magnet shape and color represents a unit sold by make and model (20 codes -14 more available). Display them on this 31-day board opposite the salesperson's name, or instead, use them to track daily or other activity by branches, departments or locations. As the colorful magnets accumulate, a picture of your sales month develops that grabs your attention in time to take sales management action.

Next to each salesperson's name is a built-in T-Card that can hold detailed sales history or other data. The top 1" of the card displays the name but the body of the card is hidden. Just lift it in its file slot to read it and remove it to post it. Kits include a CD/ROM template for keying the card with your custom card design.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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The 31-Day Unit SalesTracker®
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* Privacy Screen
2 x 6'8400#USTR826M-TDX$739
3 x 6'14600#USTR1436M-TDX909#USTR1436M-TDX-AK1278
4 x 6'20800#USTR2046M-TDX1059#USTR2046M-TDX-AK1428
4 x 12'401200#USTR40412M-TDX2019
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*Optional Privacy Screen is a separate encased unit that attaches to the wall (moveable) above the magnetic board and lowers over its face with a thin pulley bead-chain.

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