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Printed Write-on Symbolette® Whiteboard and Map Equipment Magnets

Select from over 1800 standard images and order your custom-printed Symbolettes®

Symbolette® Equipment whiteboard and map Magnets are permanently printed semi-silhouette images of vehicles, construction equipment, aircraft, tools, etc. (over 900 items in 17 categories). Available in 10 colors in Standard and Map sizes (see below).

Use them on one of our printed Symbolette® Whiteboard or MagnaMap® Systems to graphically display the Symbolettes® to show equipment usage, inventory, location, operator and commitments, etc. You can instantly spot each item by its image, color and position on the board.

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Printed Write-on Symbolette ® Whiteboard and Map Equipment Magnets
Symbolette® Categories
Aircraft, CivilianAircraft, MilitaryConstruction Equip.Fire Dept. ApparatusGrounds Maint.
Highway Dept.MiningMusical InstrumentsPower Hand ToolsRailroad
Ships, MilitaryTrades and OccupationsUtility Co. VehiclesVehicles, MilitaryVehicles, Road
Watercraft, CivilianWeapons, Military