#VPL46M-TDX 4x6' for 50 veterinary patients. Ready-to-use with magnets, optional T-cards and supplies   $1059

With this board your staff can quickly post, update and see at-a-glance your full day's client-patient list status. The instantly changeable color-coded magnets let you show specific details through the day for each client-patient with space to write a short dry-erase note.

With the optional built-in patient T-card file slots you can also display each patient's record and / or treatment on a 5" x 3-5/8"w T-card with the data concealed until the T-card is lifted in the file slot.

You'll find the board soon becomes the place for everyone to see what's happening with each patient as their work-day progresses, creating a smoother spirit of collaborative efficiency in your operation. "If it's not on the board, it's not happening" they often tell us. It summarizes and delivers color-coded continuous visual communication to everyone on staff that computer spreadsheets find hard to match. Its use can be as detailed or simple as you need, limited only by your imagination.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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T-Card slot file
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Kits include: 1-3/8x8" magnetic cardholders for owner-patient ID and 1x2" magnetic cardholders for doctor & tech names, card inserts in 10 colors with CD/ROM card-keying templates, FlipOver® 5/8" dia. 2-sided Do-Done® magnet symbols red-green & yellow-blue, magnet status signals in 10 colors, magnetic month set, dry-erase pens in 4 colors, magnetic board eraser, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner, board wipes and magnet storage box.
Kits with built-in T-Card feature also include: Die-cut 5"h x 3-5/8"w T-Cards in 10 colors, FlashSpot® signal labels in 4 colors to fit T-cards and magnetic bulk T-Card holder.

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