5 or 7 day Week Calendar Planner
Magnetic Whiteboard System Kits

If you have a busy operation with lots to do each day, these are
ideal for scheduling jobs, assignments and tasks for 1, 2 or 3 shifts.

#GTWVideoEnlargeGiant 2-Week Calendar
Giant TwoWeek 14-Day Magnetic Action Schedule

With day columns 40"h x 5"w
in 3 sections (shifts, priorities, etc.) 4x6'

#GWKVideoEnlargeGiant 7-Day Calendar
GiantWeek® Action Magnetic Calendars

3 shift areas, with room for daily detailed plans. 4 Sizes

#OWTEnlargeOur-Week ™ Action Plan
Our-Week Action Plan

Organize your week plan in detail

#NNWEnlargeThis Week & Next Week
This Week / Next Week Planners

10 or 14 day models. 2 Sizes

#STWEnlargeIn-Out 5 or 7-day StaffingWeek
StaffingWeek Work Schedules:
5 or 7-Day In & Out Boards

for Volunteers, or part-time or people. 5 Sizes

#IOFEnlargeIn-Out 5 & 7 Day Travel Schedule
In-Out 5 & 7 day travel schedules. 2 Sizes

Post daily travel, activity, job assignment or
location plans for a week for 18 or 35 people!

#DPREnlargeProduction 7 days Results
7 Days Production Scoreboard

Remember what your favorite teachers did to motivate
your best performance - attention, appreciation, feedback
and respect - This delivers it all day long. 2 Sizies

#DBHEnlarge5 or 7 Day Column Boards
DayBoard Magnetic 5 or 7 Day Action Calendars

A central communication board. Post 7 ways. 2 Sizes

#OWKEnlargeOur Week Thermometer Performance Scoreboard
Our Week Magnetic Dry-erase ThermoChart®

Dramatically display goals and results
in 5 or 7 open (day) columns 3x4'

#SLSEnlarge3 Shift Line Work Schedules
Work Schedules: 3-Shift (row-format) 7 or 14 day

Schedule & monitor tasks for stations, people, etc. 2 Sizes

#WPEnlarge52 Week Planner
52 Week-by-Week Magnetic Planning Calendar

Getting the most out of each week? This will do it. 3 Sizes

#GTMVideoEnlargeGiant 2-Month Calendar
Giant Two-Month Magnetic Daily Planning Calendar

with alternate 3-shift version and 12 month
broad planning section. Holds 6 to 12 events daily 4x6'

#MCVideoEnlargeModular Month Calendars
Month-to-Month Modular Planning Calendar

with Magnetic Months in tracks. 3 Sizes 2-12 Months

#NNDEnlargeToday & Tomorrow 9-Hour Schedule
Today / Tomorrow 9-Hour Schedule 2 Sizes

#DTSSEnlarge10 Day 2-Week Action Calendar
10-Day Side-by-Side ActionBoard

to maximize each workday's time asset.

Post daily assignments, news, notes, instructions, etc. each day Monday through Friday for 2 weeks. With a large space each day to post detailed communication with your staff, you'll save countless hours through the year by reducing individual calls and meetings. Just post this where everyone will know what to expect each day for the next 2 weeks.
2 Scales: board hxw: 3x4' or 4x6'