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Find The Root Cause

Working through this 5-WHY Root Cause Analysis chart, with your team, is a great way to get everyone involved in solving recurring problems. Watch as your team members begin to think and use the 5-WHY structure on their own to catch problems before they take affect. Working through your 5-WHY Root Cause Analysis on this magnetic whiteboard system gets everyone involved and looking for the core
issues that might otherwise be easily overlooked.

Choose the T-Card option for posting and storing additional details per cell.

Assign Corrective Actions

This system doesn't just point the finger, it helps you to find a solution. This board includes a corrective action assignment tracker and due date progress status column. Having a corrective action assignment tracker in combination with a Root Cause analysis gives you and your team a compete picture from incident to solution. The assignment tracker creates accountability so you can make sure the corrective actions are assigned and completed.

Track Your Progress

Show your team that every root-cause found and every corrective action completed, improves the overall performance of the organization. Track your quality, output time, productivity, machine turnover or safety improvements using 31 days and 12 months time period.

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5 Why quality control, root-cause analysis and
corrective action assignment tracker.

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5WHY Chart & Corrective Action Chart
4' x 3'#WHY43M$499#WHY43M-TDX$649
5WHY Chart, Corrective Action Chart, 30_Day and 12-Month trend charts
4' x 6'#WHYC46M$749#WHYC46M-TDX$989
2 5WHY Charts, 2 Corrective Action Chart, 2/30-Day and 2/12-Month Trend Charts
4' x 12'#WHYC412M$1559#WHYC412M-TDX$1889
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Each board includes: dry-erase markers, magnetic eraser, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner, lint-free board wipes, 1" x 2" yellow/green 2-sided FlipOver® magnets, 1" x 2" red magnets, 5 WakTack® extra-strong magnets for tacking notes on the board and a CD/ROM card-keying template for your trend chart title cardholders.

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