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Write-on die-cut laminated Magnets
in sizes to fit Magnatag® steel whiteboard grids

Genuine Magnatag® magnets are not just magnets: They're specially designed for efficiency
and long life on steel whiteboards. Easy to post, move and organize. 44 sizes. 17 colors.

Write-on die-cut laminated Magnets in sizes to fit Magnatag ® steel whiteboard grids
What makes Magnatag® whiteboard magnets the best?

Magnatags® are 40 mil (.04 inch) thick, with a solid 10 mil (.01 inch) hard flexible plastic combination damp-erase and dry-erase writing surface laminated to strong 30 mil (.03 inch) permanently magnetized flexible soft magnetic rubber. They lock tight magnetically on the whiteboard steel surface to prevent accidental dislodgment or movement, yet can be easily lifted for repositioning with the hard, firm EasyGrip edges. Designed to give you a lifetime of daily use with minimum care. Magnatags® - Best Magnet - Best Value!

New writing surface feature: Write on the same Die-Cut magnet with both damp and dry-erase pens and markers. Use one for info that stays semi-permanent and the other for information to be changed and erased frequently.

*Note: Magnatag® whiteboard magnets are not painted ribbon-type magnet as offered by imitators. Magnatags® will Not crack, split, peel, wear out, delaminate, bubble, fracture or crumble. They retain their full magnetic strength permanently.

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Write-on Die-Cut Plastic Laminated Whiteboard Magnets
with a combination Damp and Dry-erase Writing Surface
* Price per package (all same size)Pkgs.
1 - 23 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
3/8" high for 1/2" & 3/8" grids
3/8" x 1-1/2"50$28$27$26$25$24#WMDB03815
3/8" x 2"503029282726#WMDB0382
3/8" x 2-1/2"503231302928#WMDB03825
3/8" x 3"503332313029#WMDB0383
3/8" x 4"252120191817#WMDB0384
3/8" x 6"252726252423#WMDB0386
1/2" high for 1/2" grid
1/2" x 1-7/8"50$23$22$21$20$19#WMDB05178
1/2" x 2"502322212019#WMDB052
1/2" x 3"502726252423#WMDB053
1/2" x 4"251918171615#WMDB054
1/2" x 6"252322212019#WMDB056
5/8" high for 3/4" & 1" grids
5/8" x 1-7/8"50$38$37$36$35$33#WMDB058178
5/8" x 2"503837363533#WMDB0582
5/8" x 3"252524232221#WMDB0583
5/8" x 4"252726252423#WMDB0584
5/8" x 6"253635343332#WMDB0586
3/4" high for 1" grids
3/4" x 2"50$40$39$38$36$35#WMDB0752
3/4" x 3"252625242322#WMDB0753
3/4" x 4"253029282726#WMDB0754
3/4" x 6"253837363533#WMDB0756
1" high for 1-1/8" & 1" grids
7/8" x 1-7/8"25$16$15$14$13$12#WMDB78178
7/8" x 2"251615141312#WMDB0782
7/8" x 4"252726252423#WMDB0784
1" x 2"251615141312#WMDB12
1" x 3"252322212019#WMDB13
1" x 4"252726252423#WMDB14
1" x 5"152019181716#WMDB15
1" x 6"152322212019#WMDB16
1" x 8"102120191817#WMDB18
1-3/8" high for 1-1/2" & 2" grids
1-3/8" x 1-7/8"25$26$25$24$23$22#WMDB138178
1-3/8" x 2"252625242322#WMDB1382
1-3/8" x 3"252726252423#WMDB1383
1-3/8" x 4"253635343332#WMDB1384
1-3/8" x 6"102120191817#WMDB1386
1-3/8" x 8"102827262524#WMDB1388
2" high
2" x 2"25$31$30$29$28$27#WMDB22
2" x 3"152221201918#WMDB23
2" x 4"152726252423#WMDB24
2" x 5"102423222120#WMDB25
2" x 6"102625242322#WMDB26
3" high
3" x 3"10$20$19$18$17$16#WMDB33
3" x 4"102524232221#WMDB34
3" x 5"103029282726#WMDB35
3" x 6"103736353433#WMDB36
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