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Magnatag® 12" and 24" plastic-laminated Magnet Strips

Surface: Use both damp and dry-erase pens and markers.
Scissor-cut them to length.
8 widths x 17 colors

Magnatag ® 12" and 24" plastic-laminated Magnet Strips

What makes Magnatag® whiteboard magnets the best? They are 40 mil (.04 inch) thick, with a solid 10 mil (.01 inch) hard flexible plastic writing surface laminated to strong 30 mil (.03 inch) permanently-magnetized soft flexible magnetic rubber. They have a hard, firm EasyGrip plastic edge. The combination gloss surface works with both damp-erase and dry-erase pens. They magnetically lock tight to the steel white board to prevent accidental sliding or dislodgment yet they lift easily for repositioning. They smoothly scissor-cut and stay tightly laminated with no loose edges.

Designed to give you a lifetime of daily use with no problems. Available only factory-direct from Magnatag® Visible Systems through this web site or catalog.

New writing surface feature: Write on the same Magnet Strip with both damp and dry-erase pens and markers. Use one for info that stays semi-permanent and the other for information to be changed and erased frequently.

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Whiteboard Write-on Plastic Laminated Long Magnet Strips
with Combination Damp-erase and Dry-erase writing surface
Price per package (all same size)
1 - 23 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
12" Long Write-on Plastic Laminated Whiteboard Magnets
3/8" x 12"25$42$41$39$38$37#WMSB038
1/2" x 12"152221201918#WMSB050
5/8" x 12"153029282726#WMSB058
3/4" x 12"102120191817#WMSB075
1" x 12"102827262524#WMSB100
1-3/8" x 12"52019181716#WMSB138
2" x 12"52726252423#WMSB200
3" x 12"53736353433#WMSB300
24" Long Write-on Plastic Laminated Whiteboard Magnets
1" x 24"5$32$31$30$29$28#WMSB124
2" x 24"55856555351#WMSB224
3" x 24"58280777572#WMSB324
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