Year Calendar Planners
Magnetic Whiteboard System Kits

Full year daily and weekly magnetic color-coded calendar planner whiteboards
are fast and easy to organize, plan, schedule and share your teamís activities
and objectives. To update it, simply move the magnets to a desired

#OYRVideoEnlargeMagnetic 365 Day Planning Calendar
GiantYear® 365-Day Magnetic Calendar Planner

See every color-coded activity for fast updating. 2 Sizes

#YDEnlarge365-Day T-Card Calendar
365-Day T-Card Planning Calendar

Displays a visible color-coded 5x3" T-Card each day. 4x4'

#YTEnlarge365 Day YearMaster ® Timeline Calendar Plan
YearMaster® 365-Day Magnetic Dateline Planner

31 days across x 12 months down. 2 Sizes

#YREnlarge365-Day YearPlan ™ 12 Month Columns
YearPlan 365-day Magnetic Calendars Planners

12 month columns x 31 day rows format. 4 Sizes

#YDUEnlargeFacility Timeline 365-Day Schedule
Facility Timeline 365-Day Schedule

Flexibly plan, reserve and schedule facilities, meetings, projects, events, etc, See color-coded views of both single and multiple-day activities. 4x8'

#GQRVideoEnlargeGiant 3-Month ™ Calendar
GiantQuarter® 3-Month Daily Planning Calendars

with alternate 3-shift version and 12 month broad
planning section. Holds 6 to 12 events daily. 4x6'

#EYREnlargeEquipment 12-Month Planner
Equipment 12-Month Planner

Anticipate equipment productivity needs

#GFMVideoEnlargeGiant 4-Month Calendar
Giant-Season 4-Month Magnetic Planning Calendar

Optional 3-shift days & 12-month planning section. 4x8'

#GHYVideoEnlargeGiant 6-Month Calendar
Giant HalfYear Magnetic Planning Calendar

with alternate 3-shift version and 12 month broad
planning section. Holds 3 to 6 events daily. 4x6'

#ZAVideoEnlargeSwingView ® Giant Year Calendar Planner Wall or Stand
365-Day SwingView® Magnetic Planning Calendar

Big 24 ft. Magnetic Planning Calendar closes to 30" wide.

#WPEnlarge52 Week Planner
52 Week-by-Week Magnetic Planning Calendar

Getting the most out of each week? This will do it. 3 Sizes

#BAEnlargeBig-Year ® 52-Wk Line Item Planner
52 Week Big-Year® Timeline Planner. 4 Sizes

#MOEnlarge12 Month BroadView ™ Planning Calendar
12-Month BroadView Yearly Calendar Planner

Organize your year's strategy and tactics. 3 Sizes

#ATEnlarge365-Day Attendance- Vacation Schedule
365-Day Attendance Tracking and Vacation Monitor

Spot absentee patterns, motivate attendance plan vacations, training, duty and travel assignments. 3 Sizes

#PPCEnlargePersonal Year Time-Task Planner
365-Day Personal Magnetic Calendar Planner

See This Year and Month, Next Month, Now & Later. 3x4'

#LRSSEnlarge24 Month Long Ranger
LongRanger 24-Month Strategic planner. 2 Sizes

#KRAEnlarge12 Month Key Results Tracker
12 Month Key Results Tracker®

View and compare month-to-month key
performance line items in your operation. 3 Sizes