Hang it on the wall or carry it to the job.

The wall hanger pivots out of sight behind the pen clip. Write on it with the dry-erase pen included. Order it plain white, 1" x 2" grid, horizontal lines, or with your design printed to order. One of the handiest board systems we offer. Not magnetic.

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Write-on-White® MiniBoards
Combination Wall-hung and Portable. Not magnetic.

StylePrice Each (all alike)
1 - 45 - 2425 - 99100 - 249250 +
Letter Size Vertical: 11" high 8-1/2" wide
Plain White$20$19$18$17$16#YN18P
Horiz. Lined2827262524#YN18HL
1"x 2" Grid2827262524#YN18G12
Letter Size Horizontal: 8-1/2"h x 11"w
Plain White$20$19$18$17$16#YN81P
Horiz. Lined2827262524#YN81HL
1"x 2" Grid2827262524#YN81G12
Ledger Size Vertical: 17"h x 11"w
Plain White$30$29$28$27$26#YN71P
Horiz. Lined3736353433#YN71HL
1" x 2" Grid3736353433#YN71G12
Ledger Size Horizontal: 11"h x 17"w
Plain White$30$29$28$27$26#YN17P
Horiz. Lined3736353433#YN17HL
1" x 2" Grid3736353433#YN17G12
Tabloid Size Vertical: 24"h x 18" w
Plain White$42$41$40$38$37#YN28P
Horiz. Lined5553525049#YN28HL
1" x 2" Grid5553525049#YN28G12
Tabloid Size Horizontal: 18"h x 24" w
Plain White$42$41$40$38$37#YN82P
Horiz. Lined5553525049#YN82HL
1" x 2" Grid5553525049#YN82G12
Includes: MiniBoard with pivoting wall hanger, pen clip and black dry-erase pen. An 8 oz. bottle of board cleaner / conditioner is included with orders for 10 or more boards.

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Custom Printed
Write-on non-magnetic White MiniBoards
FormatBoard SizeBoard StylePrint AreaPrice per pkg. of 10 all alike
1 - 23 - 45 - 910 +
11" h x 8-1/2" wLetter, veritcal9-1/2"h x 8"w$309$300$290$281#YN18C

8-1/2" h x 11" wLetter, horizontal7" h x 10-1/2" w$309$300$290$281#YN81C

17" h x 11" wLedger, vertical15-1/2" h x 10-1/2" w$579$561$544$527#YN71C

11" h x 17" wLedger, horizontal9-1/2" h x 16-1/2" w$579$561$544$527#YN17C

24" h x 18" wTabloid, vertical22-1/2" h x 17-1/2" w$859$833$807$781#YN28C

18" h x 24" wTabloid, horizontal16-1/2" h x 23-1/2" w$859$833$807$781#YN82C
Includes: a damp-erase or dry-erase black pen with each MiniBoard.
* MiniBoards printed to order:
Priced for black ink. Other color ink or 2nd color available-contact us for additional charge. Send your custom board layout to Design Desk, Magnatag® 2031 O'Neill Road Macedon, NY 14502 or Fax to 315 986 4000. Proof will be sent for OK. Delivery about 10 days after OK'd proof is returned.
Note: You may order less than the minimum number of custom printed MiniBoards, but Minimum Order for custom printing is $750.
We suggest, for best printing results on these small boards, that you do not put an outside holding line edge on your print design.
Call us at 800 624 4154 for assistance.