# ZCF234T-GR26W-T 3x4' with optional Sand designer-fabric base panel   $1489

Pivots on a center vertical axis so both board-sides stay right side up. Snap-locks with release. Open base optional fabric decor panel doubles as a room divider. Order it plain or different on both sides.


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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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The Pivoting Carousel-Stand
2-Sided Presentation RollAround
h x w
Please select
base panel fabric color:
2" x 5-7/8" grid one side, plain other side with FABRIC BASE PANEL
3' x 4'#ZCF234T-GR26W$1489
4' x 4'#ZCF244T-GR26W1789
4' x 6'#ZCF246T-GR26W2139
2" x 5-7/8" grid one side, plain other side with OPEN BASE
3' x 4'#ZC234T-GR26W$1359
4' x 4'#ZC244T-GR26W1629
4' x 6'#ZC246T-GR26W1919
Plain White both sides with FABRIC BASE PANEL
3' x 4'#ZCF234T-WW$1449
4' x 4'#ZCF244T-WW1699
4' x 6'#ZCF246T-WW2019
Plain White both sides with OPEN BASE
3' x 4'#ZC234T-WW$1279
4' x 4'#ZC244T-WW1559
4' x 6'#ZC246T-WW1799
Fabric Base Panel Colors: Fabric is on both sides of the stand. Note: The actual fabric color may vary from these computer image samples. You may request (call, email or fax) actual fabric swatch samples.
Any of our other printed Whiteboards: or FabricTack® boards in sizes 3x4', 4x4' or 4x6' can be ordered installed in a Roll-Around CarouselStand. Please call to price and order. 800 624 4154, design desk.
Stand height: Pivoting Carousel-Stands are 79" high.
Wheel base dimensions are 24" long x 2" wide. Wheel base height from floor is 7" (at leg) to 3 1/2" (at wheels).

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