#ZV146T-W 4x6' open base           #ZVF146T-W-BL Fabric base panel               #ZV146T-W-C Cherry Woodgrain
One-sided, each with plain MagnaLux® steel whiteboard and textured aluminum back
About our MagnaLux® Whiteboard
Surface and BoldLyne Frames

MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel plain whiteboard on one or both sides. These stands do not pivot.

Order it in aluminum silver or cherry woodgrain finish with an open base or (in silver only) with an optional fabric decor filler base panel (in your choice of 6 colors), which lets it double as a room divider. 4 locking casters and marker tray.

To order it with any of our other boards instead of the plain white, select the board of your choice from any page on this website, click on its model number in the price list and click the Options box. If the board is available on this RollAround stand it will be priced with the board in place and available to order there, or call us at 800 624 4154 or use this question request form and tell us what you have in mind. We're a "can-do" company. Our 46th year.

Order Here:
The Vertical Roll-Around Stands
(non-pivoting) with 1 or 2-sided whiteboards
h x w

One Sided Plain White with FABRIC BASE PANEL
3' x 4'#ZVF134T-W$899
4' x 3'#ZVF143T-W899
4' x 4'#ZVF144T-W1029
4' x 6'#ZVF146T-W1369
4' x 8'#ZVF148T-W2179
One Sided Plain White with OPEN BASE
3' x 4'#ZV134T-W$719
4' x 3'#ZV143T-W719
4' x 4'#ZV144T-W839
4' x 6'#ZV146T-W1169
4' x 8'#ZV148T-W1769
One Sided Plain White with OPEN BASE and CHERRY WOODGRAIN Finish
Two Sided Plain White with FABRIC BASE PANEL
3' x 4'#ZVF234T-W$1239
4' x 3'#ZVF243T-W1239
4' x 4'#ZVF244T-W1389
4' x 6'#ZVF246T-W1749
4' x 8'#ZVF248T-W2579
Two Sided Plain White with OPEN BASE
3' x 4'#ZV234T-W$1059
4' x 3'#ZV243T-W1059
4' x 4'#ZV244T-W1199
4' x 6'#ZV246T-W1559
4' x 8'#ZV248T-W2179
Fabric Base Panel Colors: Fabric is on both sides of the stand. Note: The actual fabric color may vary from these computer image samples. You may request (call, email or fax) actual fabric swatch samples.

Any of our other printed Whiteboards: or FabricTack® boards in sizes 3' x 4', 4' x 4' or 4' x 6' can be ordered installed in a Roll-Around Vertical-Stand. Please call for pricing and to order: 800 624 4154, design desk.

Back Panel of one-sided stands are handsome textured aluminum.

Stand height: Vertical Roll-Around Stands are 76" high.
Wheel base dimensions are 24" long x 2" wide. Wheel base height from floor is 7" (at leg) to 3 1/2" (at wheels).