44"x76" Hinged Dry Erase Magnetic Calendar/Write-on Kit #ZA312T-EB
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SwingView® 44"x76" Hinged Dry Erase Magnetic Calendar with Write-on Kit

6 Wall Mounted 2 Sided Month Panels

One1 @ $3,655
2 - 41 @ $3,545
5 - 91 @ $3,436
10 - 241 @ $3,326
25 +1 @ $3,217
  • Size full open: 44"h x 76"w
  • Size Closed: 40"w
  • WALL-MOUNTED with Pivoting Display Bracket and six 2-sided hinged month panels
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What comes with this item

Qty: 6

3'h x 2'w 2-Sided, 1 month calendar, (1 ea. side) Hinged Whiteboard SwingPanel™

Qty: 1

SwingView® 36" Pivoting 180deg. wall Bracket to hold up to six 3'h pivoting 2-sided SwingView® hinged panels

Qty: 1

Set(s) of 12 individual Jan-Dec month magnets 3/4" x 1-7/8" white on black

Qty: 12

Set(s) of 31 individual 5/8"x 5/8" printed date magnets, white on black

Qty: 1

set(s) of 10 individual HOLIDAY magnets 5/8" x 1-7/8" white on black

Qty: 3

Dry-Erase bullet point pens, 4 colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green

Qty: 1

Whiteboard Combination PandaBoard® Brand Felt Eraser and Pen-holder that magnetically clings to the steel board surface. Up to 4 pens clip into the eraser. Patented.

Qty: 1

8 oz. pump-spray bottle of PandaBoard® Brand Whiteboard Cleaner and Conditioner

Qty: 1

Pack of 5 large lint-free board wipes

Qty: 1

Small-Spot™ Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser with built-in magnet, for exact-erasing small areas.

Qty: 1

Pkg of 5 WakTack® magnets (assorted colors), with press-on labels for tacking paper documents to the whiteboard.

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