Over 2300 Job-Specific and All-Purpose Magnetic Whiteboard Kits
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Job, Industry And Task Specific Magnetic Whiteboard Printed Systems

Select from hundreds of field-proven special system kits.

We created over 2300 scheduling and planning whiteboard special kit designs by talking daily with managers nationwide for over 47 years. Each started with a client request. We've designed thousands for just about every kind of industry, job function and task you can imagine.

From these, select a ready-to-use, field-proven flexible magnetic whiteboard kit for your special application. They include carefully selected color-coded magnets and charting materials to quickly change, update to keep credible and show what's happening.

Whiteboard Systems

Our whiteboard kits also help company owners keep track of their employees. This is especially helpful in an office where the work requires employees to come and go throughout the day. An in / out whiteboard can be used to keep track of employees who leave the office to attend meetings with clients.

Consequently, a company owner or manager doesn't have to walk around the office searching for a particular employee to ask him or her a question. The owner can simply consult the in / out whiteboard to find the employee's location. Many of our custom whiteboard kits can save a company owner time and add a new level of efficiency to an organization or business.

Finally, we offer businesses task management tools that can keep track of employee attendance and work schedules. Furthermore, we design whiteboards that help managers to prioritize projects and record sales. In short, our company is able to design a whiteboard that is tailored to the unique needs of any business or organization.