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The 31-Day And 52-Week Key Performance Indicator magnetic whiteboard System

See if you met or miss the daily targets. Motivate your team to reach the fundamental goals that define your success.

Visually motivate everyone in your workplace by keeping their eye on the Key Performance Indicators that make your organization successful. This unique scoreboard combines our eye-catching KPI-Pyramid with the effective trend-tracking and performance-reporting of our production rate charts. The traceable performance of the production rate chart makes spotting trouble easy, so corrective action can be performed quickly. The KPI Trend Tracker® is a perfect way to get everyone on the same path to success.

Watch as your teams work to complete a solid green "target-met" magnetic KPI-Pyramid for each key performance topic you create (production, quality, shipping, inventory, sales, revenue, etc.) Each day's growing green pyramid shows your performance success to everyone generating all the excitement and pride of meeting your targets.

Printed below each KPI-Pyramid topic are 31 or 52 rows to post target and performance data plus accumulated totals. Flip-Overs® red-green circle magnet symbols coordinate with the triangle magnets on the pyramid.

If you would like some help from one of our experienced design specialists, please contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 or email us at sales@magnatag.com
At NO extra cost, Using our Design-it Editing tool, you can personalize titles and headers on your board. To access the tool look for the symbol before adding the item to your cart
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At no extra cost, you can heat-fuse print your custom board title, KPI-Pyramid Topics and data grid column headings into the steel surface. Click on the board # in price list and follow "Modify Board" instructions. KPI-Pyramid and board design are permanently heat-fused printed onto the porcelain-like steel whiteboard to stay like new for a lifetime of daily use.
Each KPI-Pyramid includes Flip-Overs® red-green 2-sided triangle 1-1/2" magnets to fit date spaces. If the day's KPI target has been met, cover its date with a green triangle magnet or turn it over to show red if target is missed.
Each KPI-Pyramid also has FlipOver® red-green 2-sided circle magnetic symbols to coordinate each day row with the pyramid design.
Printed date-rows, 31 days or 52 weeks, for each KPI-Pyramid to write the Target, Actual and Summary To-Date performance numbers.
Soft-gray alternating rows for easy, error-free posting and reading of your data.
Available in 31-Day and 52-Week formats. Select from price chart below.
Computer print and post your KPI-Pyrmid topics using the large magnetic cardholders and card inserts included for each Pyramid.

Download your card-keying templates here.
Set of yellow triangles for additional coding.

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Capacities, sizes and options

FlipOver® 2-sided
Triangle & Circle
Magnets in kit (sets).
31-Day KPI-Pyramid™ Whiteboard Kits
4x1-1/2'164 (1 set)SELECT
4' x 3'2128 (2 sets)SELECT
4' x 5'3192 (3 sets)SELECT
4' x 6'4256 (4 sets)SELECT
4' x 7'5320 (5 sets)SELECT
4' x 9'6384 (6 sets)SELECT
4' x 11'7448 (7 sets)SELECT
4' x 12'8512 (8 sets)SELECT
52-Week KPI-Pyramid™ Whiteboard Kits
4' x 1-1/2'1106 (1 set)SELECT
4' x 3'2212 (2 sets)SELECT
4' x 5'3318 (3 sets)SELECT
4' x 6'4424 (4 sets)SELECT
4' x 7'5530 (5 sets)SELECT
4' x 8'6636 (6 sets)SELECT
4' x 10'7742 (7 sets)SELECT
4' x 12'8848 (8 sets)SELECT

in set
FlipOver® 2-Sided Red-Green Triangle Magnet Replacement Sets
FlipOver® 2-Sided Red-Green Circle Magnet Replacement Sets