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Magnetic Glass Whiteboards & Glass Board Accessories

Here we are featuring our premium magnetic glass whiteboard and some of our most useful printed systems now available on our magnetic glass whiteboards. They come complete with moveable GlassGrip® cardholder tags and accessories, so you and your team can quickly organize information, and know what's happening. Our Magnatag VisuGlass® glass whiteboards combine the best physical properties of each glass board on the market. Spectacular writing surface and optically clear low lead tempered glass, combined with our bright white coloring, makes your words and sketches come alive.

- Highest-Quality Glass, - Bright White - No-Sag Sturdy Design, - Unique GlassGrip Accessories, - Simple Install, - Worry-Free Shipping

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GlassGrip® Accessories for Glass Whiteboards

GlassGrip® is a honeycomb plastic material with hundreds of dry micro-suction cups. When pressed on clean glass whiteboards they firmly grip the glass surface until peeled up to move.

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GlassGrip® Accessories