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Microfiber Terry-Cloth Towels for Glass Whiteboards

Use dry for dusting and damp for cleaning. Lint-free and nonabrasive.

With these microfiber towels, cleaning and maintaining your glass whiteboard requires no chemical cleaners. Just dampen the towel with water and wipe away dirt, marker ink (including permanent markers) and stubborn stains, leaving your glass board streak-free and like new. Used dry, the positively charged fibers attract dust like a magnet.

Hand or machine wash with a mild detergent after use. Do not wash with other fabrics and do not use fabric softener or bleach on microfiber towels. With proper care, they can be washed and re-used hundreds of times. Size: 12"x12".

All packages contain 2 towel colors, half blue, half green and include usage and care instructions.

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Towels/PkgBlue / GreenPrice per package
1 - 45 +
Microfiber Terry-Cloth Towels, 12" x 12"
21 / 1$8.79$8.52SELECT
105 / 5$41.69$40.44SELECT
2010 / 10$82.49$80.02SELECT
4020 / 20$165.19$160.23SELECT