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We build Magnatag® Whiteboards that last. Our proprietary MagnaLux® dry-erase Whiteboard Surface will not stain, crack or fade over a lifetime of daily use. We use a stress skin structural technology to ensure that our boards will not bow or warp over time. We adhere every square inch of our MagnaLux® steel to a honeycomb core and aluminum backer which makes for a completely flat structural whiteboard. We wrap our whiteboards with a handsome, heavy duty 1 inch BoldLyne® anodized aluminum frame. Our heavy duty frame protects the edges from impact and its built-in channel makes installation easy.
Comes With Everything
We design every whiteboard system for a particular purpose. Our "Task Specific Whiteboards" are designed to help you communicate, motivate and track, projects, staff, inventory, surgeries, classes, maintenance, equipment… etc. Every system comes with every magnet and supply needed to operate the system as it was intended. The layouts are printed directly into the porcelain-like steel surface, and color-coded magnets are catered specifically to each system and its intended purpose. Even our more generic whiteboards come with magnetic kits designed to help you present, display and share information.
Customize any Whiteboard for FREE
  • Step 1: Find a whiteboard of interest
  • Step 2: Scroll to the price chart and select the whiteboard you're interested in editing. Then click SELECT to open up the options page.
  • Step 3: Click the U-Design-IT® button below the whiteboard image
Now you can customize any of our whiteboards to suit your specific needs. Whether you'd like some custom titles or column headings, or if you're looking to personalize every row. Now you can, with our free U-Design-IT® whiteboard editing tools. To access these tools, navigate to the board you'd like to customize, choose your desired size and capacity from the price chart and click SELECT. You will then be taken to the options page for the whiteboard you've selected. This is where you will find our free U-Design-IT® whiteboard editing tool. Click the Modify Board Headings button below the whiteboard displayed on the page. You will then enter into the U-Design-IT® Editing mode. Follow the directions on this page and if you have any questions, please reach out to one of our Whiteboard Systems Specialists' at 800 624 4154 or email us at sales@magnatag.com.
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