School Scheduling Magnetic Whiteboard System Kits

Ready-to-use Kits for classes, subjects, courses, teachers, classrooms, grades, periods, blocks, tracks, students, etc.; These kits tackle them all.

School principals tell us that displaying their color coded magnetic master class schedule to their associates, quickly spotting conflicts and making fast changes is much more effective than any computer system.

Based on their requests, we offer here school master scheduling board kits in a wide variety of class period formats plus kits for student progress tracking, equipment and fleet management, sport scheduling, budget monitoring, and much more.

9 Periods
9 Periods
9 Periods Same-Day
Teacher / Classroom Schedule. 4 Sizes
9 Periods
Same-Day, Large Scale
9 Periods Same-Day, Large Scale
Teacher / Classroom Schedule (large scale) 4 Sizes
12-Subject Student
12-Subject Student Progress-Trackers®
For full color-coded overview of your school,
grade or class's student progress in up to
12 subjects. 9 Sizes; 40 to 816 students
8-Subject Student
8-Subject Student Progress-Trackers®
Student progress in 8 subjects displayed with
magnet colors showing borderline, at risk, intervention
or your own code. 9 Sizes: 40 to 952 sudents
365 Day Dry-Erase Calendar
Magnetic 365-Day Dry-Erase Calendar
See every color-coded activity for fast updating. 2 Sizes
Student Enrollment &
Progress Tracker
Student Enrollment & Progress Tracker
3 Month Daily Sports Schedule
3 Month Daily Sports Schedule
This magnetic dry-erase whiteboard kit gives
you visual control of your full sports program with
room to post games, practices, classes, trips,
etc. on a daily basis for 3 months for each sport!
Teacher-Observation Weekly Year Schedule
Teacher-Observation Weekly Year Schedule
Magnet colors show walkabout, drop-in & formal. 4 Sizes
Elementary School Daily Teaching Schedules
Elementary School Daily Teaching Schedules
Daily subject time schedule, special subjects
and staffing assignments on three 15-minute.
7:30-4, school-day timeline scale rows. 5 Sizes
School Bus Driver and
Fleet StatusBoard™
School Bus Driver and Fleet StatusBoard
See each driver with assigned bus, absent
drivers, sub-drivers, field trips with
drivers, spare and out-of-service buses.
Framed Fabric Boards
FabricTack® Executive Framed Bulletin Boards
First impression of an organization's character before
anyone can show their welcome-visitor smile. 26 Sizes
School Bus Vehicle Information Tracker®
School Bus Vehicle Information Tracker®
Daily schedule, driver status, bus maint., field trips, sub
assignments, school year info and daily notes. 4 Sizes
9 Periods Same Day
Teacher column format
9 Periods Same Day Teacher column format
Magnetic Master School Schedule. 3 Sizes
9 Period
9 Period Trimester
Magnetic Master School Schedule. 2 Sizes
Same Day
4-Blocks Same Day
Teacher / Classroom schedules 4 Sizes
4-Block Alternate-Day
with optional AB format: 4 sizes; 31
to 172 Teachers and / or Classrooms.
4-Blocks A-B
Alternate Day
4-Blocks A-B Alternate Day
Teacher / Classroom Schedules. 4 Sizes
13 Periods
13 Periods Same-Day
Teacher / classroom schedules. 5 Sizes
8 Periods
for 5 days
8 Periods for 5 days
Teacher Class Schedules. 2 Sizes
7 Periods
with Enrollment
7 Periods with Enrollment
Class schedules with Class Enrollments. 4 Sizes
10 Periods
2 Semesters or 2 Days
10 Periods 2 Semesters or 2 Days
10-Period Class Schedules. 3 Sizes
YearRound Teacher / Track Class Schedule
YearRound Teacher / Track Class Schedule
Magnetic Master School Schedule. 5 Sizes
Daily Magnetic Dry Erase Calendars
Daily Magnetic Dry Erase Calendars
Color-coded magnet updating . 1 to 12 month models

Our planning boards can accommodate class scheduling, athletic schedules, and much more, with numerous options for further customization. Our magnetic planning boards can handle your A-B alternating schedule days, teacher observation weekly schedule, and more.

Our experienced design specialists are well-versed in our school dry erase boards and magnetic planning boards - let us help you select the right planning boards for your requirements, whether you need to keep track of lessons, test scores, or other important information. Avoid the hassle of working on small parts of your schedule on a computer or managing lots of little pieces of paper - use our planning boards for an immediate, easy-to-work-with, big-picture look at your needs and resources.

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