Student Progress-Tracker® for up to 12
subjects Magnetic School Whiteboard system.

Magnet colors show the status of any at-risk student and the progress
their making in any given subject. 9 Sizes for 40 to 816 students.

Product Code: XSPC

H x W: 3' x 4'   #XSPC34M-TDX - $759

Seeing at a glance the overall color-coded progress of each student in each subject in your school, grade or class often reveals trends and patterns alerting you to consider early attention action. Although we suggest using the 5 magnet symbol colors to show borderline, at-risk or intervention status, you can order and use up to 17 other magnet symbol colors to show test scoring or any interaction with students in specific subjects that are meaningful to your school operation.

The magnetic boards have a built-in T-Card file slot feature that displays a 5"h x 3-5/8"w die-cut T-Card for each student. The T-card's top 1/2" is visible with the student name (or number) in its numbered file slot with the rest of the card hidden. Lift the T-card up to read it. We suggest using these T-cards for student tracking notes and actions. More confidential data can be posted on the card's reverse side which would require it to be removed and turned over to read it. You can also order the board with an optional pulley-operated privacy screen. Each kit is ready-to-use with all the magnets and supplies needed to operate it.

For Elementary Grades SEE 5-Subject ELA Student-Progress-Trackers®.

For 8-Subject Tracking SEE 8-Subject Student-Progress-Trackers®.

For 30-Subject Tracking SEE 30-Subject Student-Progress-Trackers®.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right whiteboard kit for your requirement, or would like to consider a custom-designed whiteboard. Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. Our 50th year.

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"We set the board up to show how our special ed kids are doing. It helps us keep track of IEP's (individual education programs) and student goals. We put ours on a stand so we could move it from room to room for meetings. Putting our school name on the board was a nice touch."

Guidance Specialist - Elementary School
Daytona Beach, FL


Magnetic dry-erase porcelain-like steel whiteboard is heat-fused printed for this system. Built to stay like-new for a lifetime of daily use.


12 columns numbered to show subject code for tracking.


Magnetic non-slip vertical cardholders to show subjects for progress tracking.


Magnetic symbol colors can show student progress in each subject: Yellow = Borderline Red = At risk Blue = Intervention Green & Orange = options for your special codes. (17 available).


10 T-Card colors can represent grade level, or any other student classification that fits your needs.


Magnet or card-color legend area printed on each board


T-card cup-shaped file slots are formed through the steel whiteboard faceplate with a file cavity underneath and digitally aligned with the board printing.


5" x 3-3/8" die-cut T-Card fits in file slot with the top 1/2" visible showing student name or number. Just lift it up to read the rest of the card.


Alternating rows in soft-gray for error-free line reading.


Each student's file slot is numbered. As a privacy option, use student number instead of name.


Includes die-cut blank T-Cards in 10 colors in both single format and 4-up in perforated style for printer

Includes card keying template disc to computer print your data onto T-Cards and card inserts.

Included magnet-backed bulk T-card holder clings tightly to your board and holds on-hand supply of T-Cards.


Optional pulley-operated PrivateEye™ Privacy Screen

The Student Progress-Tracker® Magnetic Whiteboard
Kits Visually monitor up to 12 subjects for each student

hxw Students Columns Students
per column
WITHOUT Privacy Screen WITH Privacy Screen
for sizes 3x4' to 4x8'
2' x 2' 40 2 20 SELECT
3' x 2' 88 2 44 SELECT
3' x 3' 132 3 44 SELECT
3' x 4' 176 4 44 SELECT
4' x 4' 272 4 68 SELECT
4' x 6' 408 6 68 SELECT
4' x 8' 544 8 68 SELECT
4' x 10' 680 10 68 SELECT
4' x 12' 816 12 68 SELECT

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GSA #GS-28F-0010Y

Made in USA
Veteran Owned

All Major Credit cards Supported

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