9-Period Same-Day Master Class Schedule
Magnetic Dry-Erase Steel Whiteboard System.

Plan and schedule teachers and classes on this flexible easy to update master
schedule. With up to 100 color combinations you can group and or categorize
any class or subject. 4 Sizes for 32, 64, 132 or 176 to 172 teachers or classrooms.

Product Code: EXSRA

H x W: 3' x 4'   #EXSRA34 - $699

Save countless scheduling hours with this flexible, magnetic, dry-erase Class Programmer. It has everything you need to set it up, start scheduling and complete the system. Kits include magnetic cardholders (video) and card inserts, each in 10 colors, giving you up to 100 possible magnet color combinations that let you instantly locate, identify and visually group departments, grades, class sizes, courses or your own special color-coded items!

Option: You may order this system at the same price with 1x2" write-on magnets in 10 colors instead of the cardholders described above. See the price list below for this option.

Option: This system is also available with smaller size magnets EXSEA and with larger size magnets EXSHA.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right whiteboard kit for your requirement, or would like to consider a custom-designed whiteboard. Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. Our 50th year.

Ships in 3 business days or less!



It's so much better than trying to do it on a computer…the master schedule is hard enough as it is. With the board it is easier to see all your options. The software templates help make a nice, neat presentation and we re-use many of the cardholders from year to year which saves us hours and hours.

Guidance Counselor and Schedule Coordinator - High school
Penfield, NY


Includes Printed Magnetic Headings:



1x2" 1 - 9 Periods


1x4" magnetic cardholders in 5 colors and card inserts in 10 colors for teacher names, room numbers and subject sub-group headings.


1x2" magnetic cardholders and card inserts, each in 10 colors, for class data provide 100 color combinations.


At no extra cost, you can replace the board's magnetic headings with your custom words heat-fused printed on the board. Click on the board # in the price list and follow "Modify Board" instructions.


Dry-erase pens in 4 colors to write anywhere on the board.


Class Data magnetic cardholder colors can indicate grade level, class size, type, etc. Card insert colors can indicate department, honors courses, teams or your coding.

Includes card-keying templates.

Optional Write-on magnets (10 colors) are also available in place of these 1x2" class data cardholders. Select from price chart below.

The 9-Period Same-Day Master Class Schedule with 1" x 2" Class Magnets & 1"
x 4" Teacher & Classroom ID magnets Magnetic Whiteboard School System Kits

Teachers OR
Teachers AND
h x w 1" x 2"
1" x 4"
With Magnetic
With Write-on
Class Magnets
32 16 3' x 2' 200 35 SELECT
64 32 3' x 4' 300 65 SELECT
132 66 4' x 6' 600 135 SELECT
176 88 4' x 8' 800 180 SELECT

2031 O'Neill Road
Macedon, NY 14502


GSA #GS-28F-0010Y

Made in USA
Veteran Owned

All Major Credit cards Supported

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