Teaching Timeline Schedule for Elementary
Schools, with 15 min. Daily 7:30-4:00 format and 3
day-rows per teacher Magnetic School whiteboard kits

With this board, what's happening in your school will be a lot closer to what's scheduled to happen.
See the full picture with color-coded subject assignments. 5 Sizes for 17, 25, 50, 75 or 100 teachers

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H x W: 4' x 4'   #XTTB3144M-TDX - $969

See each subject and activity by its color-coded magnetic strip, signal and cardholder, displayed against the 15 minute 1/2" scale timeline with its start and ending time.

Each teacher has 3 timeline rows, for regular subjects, special subjects and staff assignments or extra activities. Each teacher has a built-in 5"x3"w color-coded T-card. The T-card's top 1" is visible for the teacher ID, and the body of the T-card concealed with teacher notes, observation records, assignments, etc. Just lift the T-card up in the file slot to read it. It will also hold a second T-Card with a 1/2" visible top with the name of a sub or assistant teacher assigned. Quickly make changes by moving colorful magnets, dry-erase writing on the board, or posting notes.

This magnetic board gives you a detailed place to show exactly what is happening in each teacher's classroom throughout the day. With a little imagination, you and your school management team will find dozens of ways of using this wonderful tool to display special curricula modules, observations and teacher accountability.

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I need to know what is being taught each hour of the day. With it, I know what is going on and where people are at all times. I keep track of lunch and specials too so if someone comes in and we need to find a student we know right where to look. I use it to help plan classroom drop ins and teacher observations too.

Principal - Elementary School
Oswego, IL


At no extra cost, you can order your Teaching Timeline™ Elementary School Schedule, heat-fused printed with your custom title and headings. Click the board # in the price list and follow the “Modify Board” instructions.

Lines and board headings are heat-fused printed into the porcelain-like dry-erase magnetic steel whiteboard surface to stay like new for a lifetime of daily use.


Die-cut 5x3" T-Cards with 1” visible top in 10 colors to show teacher name and class ID. It fits a built-in card file slot. Post teacher notes and details for each teacher on the card’s body which remains hidden until you lift it to read it.

The T-Card file slot can hold a second 1/2” high visible top T-card over the 1” top teacher card. You can use this to display a card for a substitute or assistant teacher for any specified time period.


Adhesive T-card dot labels in 4 colors can flag status or other coding for quick reference.


Use this space for daily notes & reminders.


Write anywhere on the board with dry-erase markers (4 colors).


Numbered Teacher Rows.


15 minute 1/2" scale printed timeline from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.


Magnetic 1/2” x 2" cardholders in 10 colors with card inserts in 10 colors can show class ID with up to 100 color combination codes. Each cardholder fits a 1 hour time slot. You can instantly spot any class just by it's color code.

Card-keying template disc included for computer printing your card inserts and T-Cards.


Circle and Square magnet signals, each in 10 colors fit the 15 min. time cells and provide up to 20 codes for daily activities.


Write-on magnet strips (10 colors) with printed grid to match board grid. Scissor cut to show time activity length. Colors can show subject or your own color code. Use damp-erase pens (for semi-permanent notes) or dry-erase pens for information that changes more frequently.


Each teacher has 3 timeline rows in white, yellow and light green. Suggest white for daily teaching schedule, yellow for special subjects and green for staff assignments (hall, gym, lunchroom monitoring, etc.


Includes die-cut blank 1” & 1/2" visible top T-Cards in 10 colors both single format and 4-up in perforated style for computer printing.


Includes magnet backed, bulk T-Card holder(s) for on-hand supply of die-cut cards for quick posting.


Legend area printed at bottom of board to indicate magnet signal meanings.

The Teaching Timeline
Board for Elementary Schools
15 min. Daily 7:30-4:00 with
3 day-rows per teacher

hxw Teachers
3' x 2' 17 SELECT
4' x 2' 25 SELECT
4' x 4' 50 SELECT
4' x 6' 75 SELECT
4' x 8' 100 SELECT

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