Magnetic Dry-erase Whiteboard System Kits for Hospitals

Magnatag® hospital whiteboards are top-quality, designed to stay like new for lifetime of daily hospital use.

These are efficient, comprehensive and easy-to-use boards for managing hospital patient-staff communication, time, schedules, notes, patient-tracking and more.

We've designed and built them from daily dialogue with hospital management since 1967. Each board kit is ready-to-use with all the carefully-selected magnets and supplies needed to operate them.

To order custom-printed boards, please contact us or call one of our whiteboard specialists at 800 624 4154. No obligation. We ship factory-direct in 3 business days or less.

Surgery Schedule
with LongMagnets™
Surgery Schedule
Surgery Schedule with LongMagnets
OR Patient Info on 35" Long 2-Sided Magnets. 4 Board Sizes
Hospital Patient
Bedside framed boards
Hospital Patient Bedside framed boards
Printed with your design. 10 Sizes from 1x1' to 3x3'
2-Sided LongMagnets™
Write-on 2-Sided LongMagnets
Use Damp-Erase or Dry-erase pens
and markers. 7 color-combinations
Basic Magnetic Surgery Schedule
Basic Magnetic Surgery Schedule
3 board sizes
Ambulatory Surgery Schedule
Ambulatory Surgery Schedule
3x4' Size for 25 procedures
(abridged version of #HXAB above)
Surgery Schedule
Out-Patient Surgery Schedule
2 board sizes:4x4' schedules 34 patients and 4x8'
schedules 68 patients (or 34 for each of 2 days).
Individual Patient Care
Portable MiniBoards
Individual Patient Care Portable MiniBoards
19 models, 3 sizes.
Custom Whiteboards
Custom Whiteboards
Your design heat-fused printed into MagnaLux®
porcelain-like steel surface. Any color. Any design. Any size.
Admissions and
Bed Census Control™
Admissions and Bed Census Control
7 sizes for 32 to 600 beds.
Patient Progress
E.R. Patient Progress
3 Sizes for: 25, 34 or 68 ER Patients
E.R. Patient Tracker®
E.R. Patient Tracker®
4x6' for 34 patients.
MagnaSnap® Paper Clip
Stick-Anywhere MagnaSnap®
Note Holder Magnetic Paper Clip
Hinged-Magnet press-on adhesive-backed
clam grips 5 or more sheets. 3 Sizes. Patented.
Transparent Document display bars
Grip-a-Sheet® Transparent
Document display bars
Use on walls, doors, cabinets, any flat surface. 7 Sizes
TimeSlot-Planner™ 15 & 30 Minute Patient Schedules
TimeSlot-Planner 15 & 30
Minute Patient Schedules
Time slots for therapists, facilities, equip., staff, etc. 7 sizes
Pre-OP Holding
3'h x 4'w size for 24 patients.
Plain Whiteboards
Plain Magnetic Steel Whiteboards
with a porcelain-like steel dry-erase whiteboard. 12 Sizes
ShadeLine® Printed Rows
ShadeLine® Row Printed Whiteboards
Create your own chart by taping vertical lines over
the alternating soft-gray shaded rows. 9 Sizes
Plain White MiniBoards™, dry-erase or damp-erase
Plain White MiniBoards,
dry-erase or damp-erase
plain white: write-on / wipe-off. Portable
and wall mounts. 3 sizes, 2 styles.
Printed to Order
MiniBoards Printed to Order
Printed to order. dry-erase, portable and wall
mounts. Non-magnetic. 3 Sizes, horizontal or vertical
365 Day Dry-Erase Calendar
Magnetic 365-Day Dry-Erase Calendar
See every color-coded activity for fast updating. 2 Sizes
Magnetic ChartJackets®
Magnetic Multiple Document
Display ChartJackets®
Neatly display and change protected papers. 3 Sizes
Patient Procedure Schedule™
Patient Procedure Schedule
2 Sizes: 18 or 36 patients
Portable Miniboards
O.R. Portable Miniboards
3 Surgery tray count boards and OR exam / interview
ChartMaker® Boards
Patient ChartMaker® Boards
18 sizes from 15 to 140 patients.
Patient-Staff &
Patient-Staff & Comments
2 sizes for 24 or 34 patients.
E.R. Situation
4x6' for 34 patients.
24 Hour Plan
and Schedule
24 Hour Plan and Schedule
See and quickly change your hourly plans. 6 Sizes
WakTack® Strong Magnet
WakTack® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack Magnets
Holds 10 paper sheets or 6 oz. of keys on steel surfaces.
Patient Register
E.R. Patient Register
Covers the bases for triage, staff assigning, locating and
accounting for arriving E.R. patients and waitimg. 2 Sizes
Therapy Plan and Time
Patient Therapy Plan and Time
for 4 Therapy teams, each with 10 patients
StaffWeek™ 7-Day
Unit Work Schedule
StaffWeek 7-Day Unit Work Schedule
See who or what is scheduled, when,
where and doing what! 3x4' 18 names
Printed 7-Day
Portable MiniBoards
Printed 7-Day Portable MiniBoards
4 Styles: 1 or 3 shifts for 7 days or 1 day
E.R. Intake
4x4' for 34 patients
All-Purpose MasterPlanner®
MasterPlanner® Grids All-Purpose Board Kits
Rectangle grids with magnets to fit. 6 Board & Grid Sizes
Nursing Unit
Portable MiniBoards™
Nursing Unit Portable MiniBoards
Improve hospital communication
speed, accuracy and efficiency
Nurse, Patient
Staff & Status
Nurse, Patient Staff & Status
2 Sizes: 19 or 31 patients
Holding Area Status
O.R Holding Area Status
2 Sizes
E.R. Patient LineUp
E.R. Patient LineUp
3'h x 2'w for 28 patients.
E.R. Patient
Listing & Disposition
E.R. Patient Listing & Disposition
4'h x 3'w for 34 patients.
On-Call Boards
Hospital On-Call Boards
with big 1-3/8"x 8" Magnetic Names and Positions plus a
contact information column you can read across the room.
Nursing Team
Patient Assignment
Nursing Team Patient Assignment
2 Sizes: 26 or 52 paients
Staff Locator™
Staff Locator
In-Out, Name with Notes
In-Out, Name & Write-A-Note
A few eye-catching words makes this board really work.
Surgery Schedule
Ambulatory Surgery Schedule
4'x6' size for 34 procedures.
Respiratory Therapy Ventilator Schedule
Respiratory Therapy Ventilator Schedule
4x6' for 38 patients.
Pre-Op Patient
Exam Status
Pre-Op Patient Exam Status
2x3' size for 16 patients.
U-Design-It® ChartMaker®
Whiteboard Kit
U-Design-It® ChartMaker® Whiteboard Kit
Create your own layout by taping vertical columns
over the printed horizontal row lines. 8 Sizes
Magnetic Cardholders
Magnetic Cardholders and Card
Inserts with Keying Template
41 sizes in 11 colors, and card inserts in 16 colors
Magnet Strips
Write-on Magnet Strips
Use Damp-Erase or Dry-Erase Pens and Markers
Write-on Magnets
in die-cut sizes
Write-on Magnets in die-cut sizes
44 Sizes to fit whiteboard grids.
17 colors. Dry and Damp Erase
Die-Cut Write-on
Symbol Magnets
Die-Cut Write-on Symbol Magnets
Flag deadlines, status, bottlenecks, checkpoints and
action points on your whiteboard 17 colors. Many sizes
PreciseLine® Tapes for
Whiteboards and Maps
PreciseLine® Tapes for Whiteboards and Maps
Align magnetic and adhesive die-cut letters and numbers
against a line of this tape and then remove the tape.
Magnet in Rolls
LabelMount® Magnet in Rolls
Magnetize and color-tag computer labels on warehouse
steel shelves, bins, equipment or your scheduling board.
Magnetic Whiteboard Walls
Magnetic Steel WhiteWall® Wall Panels
Cover your walls with magnetic dry-erase steel WhiteWall®
paneling that encourages everyone to share their ideas.
Sliding Whiteboard Cabinet
PlanView® 3 to 10 track Slide Panel Cabinets
3, 6, 8 or 10 tracks hold from 3 to 20 sliding boards.
Rotating Whiteboard Towers
RotoCube® Rotating Bulletin Towers
No walls nearby? Try these right in the traffic stream
Magnetic & Adhesive Letters
Individual Die-Cut Exact-Letters®
Magnetic or Adhesive
Order just the ones you need. Magnetic or adhesive.
Sizes to 23", 24 Colors, 5 Font styles, Indoors or Out
2-Sided FlipOver® Do-Done® Symbol Magnets
2-Sided FlipOver® Do-Done® Symbol Magnets
Turn over green to show red when action is
needed. 6 Sizes, 17 colors, Circles & squares
Patient Listing
E.R. Patient Listing
4'h x 3'w, for 34 patients.
LineUp™ Schedule
Surgery LineUp Schedule
3x2' size for 26 procedures
Patient Process
E.R. Patient Process
3x4' size for 31 patients.
Status Flow
E.R. Status Flow
4x4' for 34 patients.
Speed-Posting™ Printed Magnets for Hospitals
Speed-Posting Printed Magnets for Hospitals
for Hospital fast posting action!
Patient Care Activity
E.R. Patient Care Activity
3'h x 2'h for 28 patients.
15 & 30 Minute
15 & 30 Minute Schedules
Plan, schedule and quickly update
any intense daytime activity. 3 Sizes
Patient-Caregiver Assignment Planner™
Patient-Caregiver Assignment Planner
3'h x 4'w for 31 patients.
Pre-OP Post-OP
Patient Tracker
Pre-OP Post-OP Patient Tracker
3'x4' size for 24 patients.
Patient Listing Consult
E.R. Patient Listing Consult
4'h x 3'w for 34 patients.
Telemetry Schedule
Telemetry Schedule
3'x3' for 28 patients.
Patients Comments
Patients Comments
Quick Change Boards
On-Duty Quick Change Boards
Magnetic dry-erase Board. 2 Sizes
Patient Notes Board for Nursing Station
Patient Notes Board for Nursing Station
2 Sizes: 31 or 62 patients
Directory Locator
Patient Directory Locator
2'h x 1-1/2' w for 34 patients.
30-Minute DayPlanner™
Patient's 30-Minute DayPlanner
3'h x 4'w for 31 patients.

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