Hospital Administration Schedules

Choose from several hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly hospital administration scheduling calendars, customization available.

Scheduling Calendars allow you to plan, track and visualize important administrative tasks.

24 Hour Plan
and Schedule
24 Hour Plan
and Schedule
24 Hour Plan and Schedule
See and quickly change your hourly plans. 6 Sizes
365 Day Dry-Erase Calendar
Magnetic 365-Day Dry-Erase Calendar
See every color-coded activity for fast updating. 2 Sizes
365-Day T-Card Dry Erase Calendars
365-Day T-Card Dry Erase Calendars
Displays a visible color-coded 5x3" T-Card each day.
Performance Scoreboards
Calendar-Block Performance Scoreboards
365-day, 52-week and 12-month formats to
quickly spot trends evolving in productivity,
attendance, goals, errors, accidents, etc.
Meeting Schedule
Meeting Schedule
See and schedule 12 to 24 meetings
with all the details. 2 sizes.
On-Call Boards
Hospital On-Call Boards
with big 1-3/8"x 8" Magnetic Names and Positions plus a
contact information column you can read across the room.
Magnetic FallCross™
for Hospital Patient
Fall Prevention
Magnetic FallCross for
Hospital Patient Fall Prevention
Alertness motivated 24-7 with hands-on
magnet colors and image. 2 Sizes, 4 Styles
7-Day Hospital-Week™ Schedule
7-Day Hospital-Week Schedule
Schedule almost anything on it!
What? Who? When?
Continuous Improvement Issue-Tracker®
What? Who? When? Continuous
Improvement Issue-Tracker®
Engages every team member in managing Key Performance
Issues, keeping them In-view and in-mind until resolved.
Rotating Whiteboard Towers
RotoCube® Rotating Bulletin Towers
No walls nearby? Try these right in the traffic stream
Do-Done™ StepTracker®
Do-Done Project Status Step Tracker®
Turn the yellow magnet over to show green
when a task-step is done. Red = problem.
Giant Month Magnetic Calendar
Giant Month Magnetic Calendar
with room to post a good day's activities. 3 Sizes
Giant 7-Day Calendar
Giant 7-Day Calendar
3 shift areas, with room for daily detailed plans. 4 Sizes
Giant 2-Week Calendar
Giant 2-Week Calendar
With day columns 40"h x 5"w in 3
sections (shifts, priorities, etc.) 4x6'
Facility Timeline
365-Day Schedule
Facility Timeline 365-Day Schedule
Flexibly plan, reserve and schedule facilities,
meetings, projects, events, etc, See color-coded
views of both single and multiple-day activities. 4x8'
Meeting Agenda Issues
Meeting Agenda Issues
Keeps meetings focused on prepared and
new issues with room for action decisions,
responsibility, accountability and due dates.
24-7 Magnetic
Staffing Board
24-7 Magnetic Staffing Board
for people & positions. 5 Sizes
Daily Shift Schedule
MagnaStaffer® Daily Work Schedules
24-7 or your time span x 14, 28 or 84-Days. 4 Sizes
DetailBlock™ Bulletin
DetailBlock Bulletin
with dedicated Subject Boxes. 4 Sizes
Unit StaffBoards™
Quick-Change Unit StaffBoards
As staff shifts change reposition the magnetic cardholders
Hot Issues®
Hot Issues®
When you display your 20 hottest issues on this
board, they get resolved fast ...... It's as simple as that!
Project Log™
Project Log
A key status overview of projects assigned and underway
See what's happening at each work location
PhotosUp® Boards
PhotosUp® Boards
Create a photo gallery as fast as you can move your hands!
15 & 30 Minute
15 & 30 Minute Schedules
Plan, schedule and quickly update
any intense daytime activity. 3 Sizes
In Out Return
Combo Board
In Out Return Combo Board
StaffWeek™ 7-Day
Unit Work Schedule
StaffWeek 7-Day Unit Work Schedule
See who or what is scheduled, when,
where and doing what! 3x4' 18 names
7-Day Roster
On-Call 7-Day Roster
Cover your on-call bases once a
week with this magnetic board.
In Out, Message
& Bulletin Board
In Out, Message & Bulletin Board
Combined with a write-on magnetic whiteboard
or a FabricTack® bulletin panel. 2 Sizes
In Out Name
& Bulletin Board
In Out Name & Bulletin Board
Make sure everyone reads the day's news and notices
Due-Date™ 365-day
Suspense Calendar
Due-Date 365-day Suspense Calendar
Schedules 365 day actions for up to 174 items. 3 Sizes
Whiteboard kits
Sub-Column Whiteboard kits
Organize your people, work, equipment, customers,
etc. by categories & sub-categories. 5 Sizes
12 Month
Key Results Tracker
12 Month Key Results Tracker
View and compare month-to-month key
performance line items in your operation. 3 Sizes
Equipment 12-Month Planner
Equipment 12-Month Planner
Anticipate equipment productivity needs
BigMonth™ 31-Day
Line Item Planner
BigMonth 31-Day Line Item Planner
See, compare and update color-coded line item. 7 Sizes
Line Item
31-Day Months
Line Item 31-Day Months
Schedule and track line-items daily for 3 to 12 mos. 5 Sizes
SwingView® Giant Year Calendar Planner Wall or Stand
SwingView® Giant Year
Calendar Planner Wall or Stand
Big 24 ft. Magnetic Planning Calendar closes to 30" wide.
Write on Boards
Transparent Write on Boards
Stand or wall models, Plain, row or custom
printed. Use bright-stick markers. 6 Sizes
Quick Change Boards
On-Duty Quick Change Boards
Magnetic dry-erase Board. 2 Sizes
Staff Locator™
Staff Locator
Duty Status™
Staff Duty Status
See who is covering each position, is
on duty, off duty and at lunch. 3 Sizes
Training Enrollment
Training Enrollment and Progress
See all trainees and their status vs.
courses and topics offered. 2 Sizes
MagnaSnap® Paper Clip
Stick-Anywhere MagnaSnap®
Note Holder Magnetic Paper Clip
Hinged-Magnet press-on adhesive-backed
clam grips 5 or more sheets. 3 Sizes. Patented.
HurtSpot™ Body Injury diagram™
Safety Awareness Motivational Board
HurtSpot Body Injury diagram
Safety Awareness Motivational Board
Body count Injury Counts personalize safety awareness,.
Optional built-in T-cards for incident details. 2 Sizes
Hospital Equipment Tracker
Hospital Equipment Tracker

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