Individual Patient Care Bedside MiniBoards Dry and
damp-erase (non-magnetic) for Hospital Nursing Units

Wall and Portable printed mini-whiteboards: light weight,
handle easy and wall-display well. 19 formats 3 sizes

Hang them on the wall, door or bed, etc. with the key-hole slot hanger that swivels flat behind the board when used portable. Lift it off the wall to write on it. It has a built-in spring pen clip and comes with a dry-erase or damp-erase black pen. Carry it to patient bedside or anywhere you need to record or refer to the data, then rehang it when done. Top quality, fast delivery and low prices in quantity.

This series of MiniBoards are designed for individual patient care use.

Note: Consider custom-printing your MiniBoards with your special design. (Minimum of 10 alike) Thousands have.

Ships in 3 business days or less!
Product Code: HXMP

Individual Patient Care Portable and Wall
Write-on Printed Hospital MiniBoards

h x w Style
LETTER SIZE - 11" x 8-1/2"
11" x 8-1/2" Pat., Phys, Nurse SELECT
11" x 8-1/2" Rm, Bed, Patient SELECT
8-1/2 x 11" Room Status SELECT
LEDGER SIZE - 17" x 11"
17" x 11" Rm., Bed, Patient, Doctor, Nurse SELECT
17" x 11" Today is, Your Nurse, Asst. etc. SELECT
17" x 11" Welcome-Nurse-Asst.-Phone#-Room SELECT
17" x 11" Patient-Physician-Nurse-Procedures, etc. SELECT
17" x 11" Today is - Your Nurse - Your Nurse Asst. SELECT
17" x 11" Date - Physical Therapy - Occup. etc. SELECT
11" x 17" Physician -Nurse SELECT
11" x 17" Today Is - Your Nurse is SELECT
11" x 17" Today SELECT
TABLOID SIZE - 18" x 24"
18" x 24" Today is - Your Nurse - Today's Sche SELECT
18" x 24" Patient-Today is - Your Nurse- Your Doc. SELECT
18" x 24" Today is - Your Plan of Care SELECT
18" x 24" Today is - The Shift is - etc. SELECT
24" x 18" Functional Status - Style 1 SELECT
24" x 18" Functional Status - Style 2 SELECT
24" x 18" Functional Status - Style 3 SELECT

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Made in USA
Veteran Owned

All Major Credit cards Supported

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