Patient-Bedside Magnetic dry-erase Hospital whiteboards
Custom-printed with your design and optional room-bed ID

At patient bedside is exactly the place to show and update the information patients and caregivers need
to know what's happening. Built for lifetime hospital use. 10 sizes with magnets, marker, eraser and tray.

Product Code: SBE

Dry-erase write on these steel whiteboards in 4 colors and use magnets included. Each comes with dry-erase pen, small magnetic eraser and a set of magnets pre-selected for this application but can be ordered without the supplies. Order them printed with your special graphic design in any style including HD full color with your hospital photos and logos, individual patient room and bed ID numbers on each board or any other layout that fits your needs.

See board design ordering information in the price chart below. (footnote section). First, click on tab above the price chart. The printing is heat-fused directly into the porcelain-like steel whiteboard surface to stay like-new for years of daily hospital use. Additional supplies can be ordered as needed.

Designed with our SlimLyne style sturdy small-board construction, each has a structured satin-aluminum truss frame with impact-resistant molded corners, full aluminum back, cross-cellular core, full-length bottom tray and patented dislodgment-resistant safety-hangers which let you remove it from the wall for portable posting and rehang it easily. It's hand-smooth with no sharp edges.

We ship in 3 business days or less after your production OK.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right whiteboard kit for your requirement, or would like to consider a custom-designed whiteboard. Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. Our 50th year.

Also please see our larger Custom Printed magnetic boards.

Ships in 3 business days or less!



I wanted to thank you for being patient working with me on this order. My staff and others have commented nothing but great things about the quality and appearance of these white boards! We are very pleased.

Nurse Manager - Hospital
Dallas, TX

Patient-Bedside Custom-Printed Magnetic steel
wall-mounted small whiteboards with Magnet Supply Kit

h x w
Print Option * Price each (all alike)
1 - 45 - 910 - 2425 - 99100 - 249250 +
12"x12" Printed all alike $229$193$170$156$143$137 SELECT#SBE1212-SLCZ
12"x12" + printed Room/bed Nos. $249$216$193$176$166$157 SELECT#SBE1212-SLCN
12"x18" Printed all alike $249$216$193$176$166$157 SELECT#SBE1218-SLCZ
12"x18" + printed Room/bed Nos. $259$226$203$186$176$170 SELECT#SBE1218-SLCN
18"x12" Printed all alike $249$216$193$176$166$157 SELECT#SBE1812-SLCZ
18"x12" + printed Room/bed Nos. $259$226$203$186$176$170 SELECT#SBE1812-SLCN
18"x18" Printed all alike $279$269$246$229$219$213 SELECT#SBE1818-SLCZ
18"x18" + printed Room/bed Nos. $289$279$256$239$229$223 SELECT#SBE1818-SLCN
18"x24" Printed all alike $289$243$223$206$196$190 SELECT#SBE1824-SLCZ
18"x24" + printed Room/bed Nos. $299$256$233$216$206$200 SELECT#SBE1824-SLCN
24"x18" Printed all alike $289$243$223$206$196$190 SELECT#SBE2418-SLCZ
24"x18" + printed Room/bed Nos. $299$256$233$216$206$200 SELECT#SBE2418-SLCN
24"x24" Printed all alike $339$296$273$259$246$240 SELECT#SBE2424-SLCZ
24"x24" + printed Room/bed Nos. $349$306$283$269$256$250 SELECT#SBE2424-SLCN
24"x34" Printed all alike $369$316$293$279$266$260 SELECT#SBE2434-SLCZ
24"x34" + printed Room/bed Nos. $389$323$303$286$276$270 SELECT#SBE2434-SLCN
34"x24" Printed all alike $369$316$293$279$266$260 SELECT#SBE3424-SLCZ
34"x24" + printed Room/bed Nos. $389$323$303$286$276$270 SELECT#SBE3424-SLCN
34"x34" Printed all alike $399$346$323$309$296$290 SELECT#SBE3434-SLCZ
34"x34" + printed Room/bed Nos. $419$366$343$329$319$310 SELECT#SBE3434-SLCN

Patient-Bedside Custom-Printed Magnetic steel wall-mounted small whiteboards

h x w
Print Option * Price each (all alike)
1 - 45 - 910 - 2425 - 99100 - 249250 +
12"x12" Printed all alike $219$183$160$146$133$127 SELECT#SBE1212-SLCZX
12"x12" + printed Room/bed Nos $239$206$183$166$153$147 SELECT#SBE1212-SLCNX
12"x18" Printed all alike $239$206$183$166$153$147 SELECT#SBE1218-SLCZX
12"x18" + printed Room/bed Nos. $249$216$193$176$166$157 SELECT#SBE1218-SLCNX
18"x12" Printed all alike $239$206$183$166$153$147 SELECT#SBE1812-SLCZX
18"x12" + printed Room/bed $249$216$193$176$166$157 SELECT#SBE1812-SLCNX
18"x18" Printed all alike $269$259$236$219$209$200 SELECT#SBE1818-SLCZX
18"x18" + printed Room/bed Nos. $279$269$246$229$219$213 SELECT#SBE1818-SLCNX
18"x24" Printed all alike $279$233$213$196$186$177 SELECT#SBE1824-SLCZX
18"x24" + printed Room/bed Nos. $289$243$223$206$196$190 SELECT#SBE1824-SLCNX
24"x18" Printed all alike $279$233$213$196$186$177 SELECT#SBE2418-SLCZX
24"x18" + printed Room/bed Nos. $289$243$223$206$196$190 SELECT#SBE2418-SLCNX
24"x24" Printed all alike $329$286$263$249$236$230 SELECT#SBE2424-SLCZX
24"x24" + printed Room/bed Nos. $339$296$273$259$246$240 SELECT#SBE2424-SLCNX
24"x34" Printed all alike $359$303$283$266$256$250 SELECT#SBE2434-SLCZX
24"x34" + printed Room/bed Nos. $379$313$293$276$266$260 SELECT#SBE2434-SLCNX
34"x24" Printed all alike $359$303$283$266$256$250 SELECT#SBE3424-SLCZX
34"x24" + printed Room/bed Nos. $379$313$293$276$266$260 SELECT#SBE3424-SLCNX
34"x34" Printed all alike $389$336$313$299$286$280 SELECT#SBE3434-SLCZX
34"x34" + printed Room/bed Nos. $409$356$333$319$309$300 SELECT#SBE3434-SLCNX

2031 O'Neill Road
Macedon, NY 14502


GSA #GS-28F-0010Y

Made in USA
Veteran Owned

All Major Credit cards Supported

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