Over 2300 Job-Specific and All-Purpose Magnetic Whiteboard Kits
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LongLine 2-Sided Flip-Overs® Write-on Whiteboard Magnets

Change lines of data fast and easily. One of our most popular magnet styles. Move a full line of whiteboard scheduling data on one long 2-Sided magnet Write on one side with a second write-on color on the reverse side. Use both damp and dry-erase pens and markers.

Lengths are sized to fit inside the frame of our Whiteboard Systems. Write the job information on it at your desk then place it with a full line of information on the board. Write on both sides of the magnet. One side is white and the reverse side available in 4 colors. When the job is finished you can leave it on the board and turn it over to the white side, reposition it to another area of the board or remove it, erase and reuse it. It also lets you accumulate finished jobs with their scheduled data off-board for job accounting. These magnets are designed to stay semi-rigid, not droopy, and to give you a lifetime of daily use.

Write on the same LongLine magnet with both damp and dry-erase pens and markers. Use one for info that stays semi-permanent and the other for information to be changed and erased frequently.

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SizePkgs. ofPrice per Package (all alike)
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
7/8" x 22-1/2"5$66$65$64$62$61SELECT
1-3/8" x 22-1/2"5$99$97$95$92$88SELECT
1-3/8" x 32"3$89$87$85$82$80SELECT
1-3/8" x 35"3$95$93$91$88$86SELECT
2" x 22-1/2"3$77$76$74$72$69SELECT
2" x 32"3$91$89$87$84$81SELECT
2" x 34-1/2"3$99$97$95$90$88SELECT
1-/3/8" x 46-1/2"2$72$71$70$69$68SELECT
2" x 46-1/2"2$85$83$81$78$75SELECT