Printed 1x3" Magnets for Speed-Posting Hospital Patient Information

Post them on steel whiteboards and other steel surfaces in E.R., Nursing Stations, O.R.
etc, to quickly display vital patient status data. Select from over 250 Hospital action words

Ideal for use on whiteboard systems in busy E.R. areas. Fast and easy to post, read and move as needed. Faster and more legible than hand writing and almost impossible to misread. The black printing on bright yellow is also the easiest color combination to read.

We offer here over 250 printed Speed-Posting magnets designed for the fast-paced hospital whiteboard systems in E.R., O.R. and patient care units. They are printed to order. Just select the magnets by entering the quantities and colors that you want.

Format: permanently printed on plastic, laminated to 30 mil (.03 inch) thick die-cut magnets.

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Product Code: HXSPM

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GSA #GS-28F-0010Y

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