WhiteWalls® Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard Steel Wall Paneling

"Writing on the Wall" has been one of the most effective communication methods since ancient
times, and still is. Turn any wall into a "smooth blank magnetic whiteboard" for sharing ideas.

Product Code: WW

WhiteWall® panels turn your room or wall into a creative hot spot. They are perfect for team, break, conference or meeting rooms, executive or home office walls and even busy hallways. Use them wherever you meet to plan, develop, brainstorm or create. These whiteboard walls give you and your team an unlimited blank slate that encourages original ideas and fosters out-of-the-box solutions.

"You wouldn't believe how much creativity is sparked when you have the entire room as your writing surface. We've covered practically every wall with these whiteboard wall panels. Now each design team can have their own working area and not have to worry about running out of space."
- Office Manager, Label Manufacturer, Brea CA
"We save so much time during meetings not having to take down and put up new presentations. Everything can be up and ready to go before the meeting takes place."
- Human Resources Manager, Large Retailer, Plano TX

We build WhiteWall® panels with strong stress-skin porcelain-like steel, precision-formed on all 4 sides. They assemble into a smooth wall with an almost invisible seam between panels. This frameless finished-edge design gives you an uninterrupted magnetic dry-erase steel writing surface with no unsightly moldings. Order WhiteWalls® in plain-white or heat-fused printed with Ghost-Grid or rows. Designed to stay like-new for a lifetime of stain-free daily use.

Our unique Cleat-Bar® wall-mounting system is fast and easy using just a level, hand drill and stud-finder. Each panel-back has a precision routed cavity that engages the Cleat-Bar®. Just lift the panels onto the cleats then slide them sideways to nest tightly together. (Patent applied for). WhiteWall® prices include the Cleat-Bar® for each panel.

Ships in 5 business days or less!

Why WhiteWalls®

Custom-Fit WhiteWalls® at No Extra Cost

Order WhiteWalls® Pre-Sized to fit the wall area you specify.


Width: In.

Panel Style:


Type in the height and width of the wall or walls in the designated boxes below. Each wall area you specify will be considered a separate wall assembly and priced as one wall. Note: Panels are sized to 1/2" increments. Smaller fractional inch measurements are not available.

Caution: Estimated wall measurements can be very inaccurate. Please measure your wall coverage area very carefully. "Measure twice and cut once" [Old carpenter's proverb].
Total Walls:1
Total Price:$2,067

h x w
Price each (all alike)
1 - 45 - 910 - 2425 - 4950 - 99100 +
Vertical WhiteWall Panels
46" x 46" $459$445$432$417$404$399 SELECT#WWM46
60" x 46" $489$474$460$445$431$425 SELECT#WWM60
66" x 46" $519$503$488$472$457$452 SELECT#WWM66
70" x 46" $539$522$507$490$475$469 SELECT#WWM70
72" x 46" $579$561$544$527$510$504 SELECT#WWM72
78" x 46" $599$581$563$545$528$521 SELECT#WWM78
84" x 46" $619$600$582$563$545$539 SELECT#WWM84
90" x 46" $649$629$610$590$572$565 SELECT#WWM90
94" x 46" $669$649$629$609$589$582 SELECT#WWM94
96" x 46" $689$668$648$627$607$599 SELECT#WWM96
98" x 46" $719$697$676$654$633$626 SELECT#WWM98
102" x 46" $769$746$723$700$677$669 SELECT#WWM102
108" x 46" $799$775$751$727$703$695 SELECT#WWM108
114" x 46" $829$804$779$754$729$721 SELECT#WWM114
120" x 46" $859$833$807$781$756$747 SELECT#WWM120
h x w
Price each (all alike)
1 - 45 - 910 - 2425 - 4950 - 99100 +
Horizontal WhiteWall Panels
46" x 60" $489$474$460$445$431$425 SELECT#WWM60H
46" x 66" $519$503$488$472$457$452 SELECT#WWM66H
46" x 70" $539$522$507$490$475$469 SELECT#WWM70H
46" x 72" $579$561$544$527$510$504 SELECT#WWM72H
46" x 78" $599$581$563$545$528$521 SELECT#WWM78H
46" x 84" $619$600$582$563$545$539 SELECT#WWM84H
46" x 90" $649$629$610$590$572$565 SELECT#WWM90H
46" x 94" $669$649$629$609$589$582 SELECT#WWM94H
46" x 96" $689$668$648$627$607$599 SELECT#WWM96H
46" x 98" $719$697$676$654$633$626 SELECT#WWM98H
46" x 102" $769$746$723$700$677$669 SELECT#WWM102H
46" x 108" $799$775$751$727$703$695 SELECT#WWM108H
46" x 114" $829$804$779$754$729$721 SELECT#WWM114H
46" x 120" $859$833$807$781$756$747 SELECT#WWM120H

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