Vertical Whiteboard Stands 1 or 2 sided (non-pivoting)
Over 2300 Job-Specific and All-Purpose Magnetic Whiteboard Kits
Made in USA

Roll-Around Magnetic Whiteboard Stand

Why be stuck on a wall if you can roll your whiteboard stand to where you want to work? Order it with any of our plain or printed boards.

MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel plain whiteboard on one or both sides. These whiteboard stands do not pivot.

Order your whiteboard stand with an open base or with an optional fabric decor filler base panel (in your choice of 6 colors), which lets it double as a room divider. 4 locking casters and marker tray.

To order it with any of our other boards instead of the plain white, select the board of your choice from any page on this website, click on its model number in the price list and click the Options box. If the board is available on this RollAround whiteboard stand it will be priced with the board in place and available to order there.

'What I really like about the stand is that it is two sided. We can put them between work areas and share it between the lines. This makes it easier for the workers to report their performance numbers. Now they don't have to leave the line or halt production. Since they're on wheels, they're easy to move if we ever need them for a meeting.'

Site Manager — Manufacturer
Graniteville, SC

If you would like some help from one of our experienced design specialists, please contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 or email us at
At NO extra cost, Using our Design-it Editing tool, you can personalize titles and headers on your board. To access the tool look for the symbol before adding the item to your cart
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Price Chart - Order Here

Capacities, sizes and options
One Sided Plain White with FABRIC BASE PANEL
h x w
Quantity Prices
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
3' x 4'$959$931$901$873$844SELECT
4' x 3'$869$843$817$790$764SELECT
4' x 4'$1,079$1,047$1,014$982$950SELECT
4' x 6'$1,529$1,483$1,437$1,392$1,346SELECT
4' x 8'$2,109$2,045$1,983$1,919$1,855SELECT
One Sided Plain White with OPEN BASE
h x w
Quantity Prices
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
3' x 4'$829$805$779$754$729SELECT
4' x 3'$769$746$722$699$676SELECT
4' x 4'$949$921$893$864$835SELECT
4' x 6'$1,329$1,288$1,249$1,210$1,170SELECT
4' x 8'$1,839$1,784$1,729$1,674$1,618SELECT
Two Sided Plain White with FABRIC BASE PANEL
h x w
Quantity Prices
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
3' x 4'$1,179$1,144$1,108$1,073$1,038SELECT
4' x 3'$1,059$1,028$995$964$931SELECT
4' x 4'$1,309$1,269$1,230$1,192$1,153SELECT
4' x 6'$1,859$1,804$1,747$1,692$1,636SELECT
4' x 8'$2,579$2,502$2,425$2,348$2,270SELECT
Two Sided Plain White with OPEN BASE
h x w
Quantity Prices
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
3' x 4'$1,049$1,018$986$955$923SELECT
4' x 3'$969$941$911$882$852SELECT
4' x 4'$1,169$1,134$1,099$1,064$1,029SELECT
4' x 6'$1,659$1,609$1,559$1,510$1,459SELECT
4' x 8'$2,319$2,250$2,180$2,110$2,040SELECT


Frequently asked questions about this product
Fabric Base Panels
Two-sided Roll-Around stands with fabric bases have the same fabric color on both sides of the base panel.
The actual fabric color may vary from those depicted on this web site. Fabric swatch samples are available upon request.
Whiteboard Options
Most whiteboards on this web site can be built into any of our one or two-sided Roll-Around stands.
Please call 800 624 4154 or email for price quote or to order.
Back Panel
The backs of the whiteboard panel and fabric base panel on one-sided stands are finished with handsome embossed aluminum.
Roll-Around Stand Height
All Roll-Around Stands are 76" tall.
Roll-Around Stand Foot Assemblies
The stand feet are 24" long x 2" wide. Stand foot height from the floor is 7" (at leg) and 3-1/2" (at wheels).
Replacement foot assemblies for your Roll-Around Stand are available and are sold in pairs.