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Document Display Holders

We offer many different ways to quickly and neatly display, update and protect documents.

Document Display
Filing: If you have a filing or organization need, consider card or file racks that provide easy, fast access to everyone in the office. Organizing this way is good for almost any library, hospital, stage, or office environment. When bulky filing cabinets take up floor space and require crouching, having a wall mounted document holder can be great for frequently-accessed files. Card holders as well can be a hassle, especially as they take up desk space, stay with one person, and can take a great deal of time to sift through. Having quick-to-access information saves payroll dollars that normally are devoted to searching, digging and sifting. Displaying: Bulletin boards are used by many institutions. These boards need to be professional-looking in order to represent the company well. Magnatag has many clean, organized wall mount document holders that can do just that. Attractive fabric bulletin boards can be used, but so can any steel or whiteboard surface with the use of magnets and jackets. Multiple tack-free options are available, preventing potential harm to customers, students or employees. Sharing: Use your whiteboard system as an information-sharing space. Use your document display holder to make important documents readily available on your wall. Document holders can encourage your employees and customers to pick up, look at, and examine relevant reports, charts, and data. Employees can quickly take and update reports, and clients can view the most up-to-date information.