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Our Wall File Organizer, The FileView®, Keeps Your Important File Folders In View So You Keep Them In Mind.

This wall file folder organizer combines color-coded magnets and a dry erase panel to give you and your team an additional level of organization.

FileView® takes your most important file folders out of the filing cabinet and puts them on the wall, where they will be seen. Your FileView® comes with an adjacent dry erase panel to help you organize and designate what files go where. This file folder wall organizer uses color-coded cardholder magnets and card inserts to add an additional level of information or categorization to each folder pocket. This file folder wall organizer kit comes with 6 colors of cardholder magnets and 10 colors of card inserts, making up to 60 possible color combinations. The kit also comes with a card insert lettering software so you can type up your cards on your desktop and print them out for a neat and professional look. If the priority or designation of your folder pockets varies frequently, simply use the dry erase markers. You can also use the dry erase panel for quick notes about the file pocket. The FileView® comes with everything you need to organize, categorize, highlight and display your most important files.

Lead In... We received the filing system on Tuesday of this week. Ron (Supervisor) installed them on his wall and I must say I don't know how he lived without this filing system. They are wonderful and very durable...Ron is very pleased and even our General Manager was impressed. Thanks for working with me to make this happen. You have been terrific to work with and I can't thank you enough.

Office Manager — Manufacturer

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Capacities, sizes and options

PocketsFile ColumnsSize
h x w x d
Letter Size Horizontal
12139" x 20" x 2-1/2"SELECT
18153" x 20" x 2-1/2"SELECT
36253” x 38” x 2-1/2"SELECT
54353” x 56” x 2-1/2"SELECT
Letter Size Vertical
12141" x 17" x 2-1/2"SELECT
18155" x 17" x 2-1/2"SELECT
36255” x 34” x 2-1/2"SELECT
54355” x 51” x 2-1/2”SELECT

PocketsStand Size
h x w x d
One-Sided Stands - Letter Size Horizontal Files
3676" x 39" x 24"SELECT
5476" x 58" x 24"SELECT
Two-Sided Stands - Letter Size Horizontal Files
7276" x 39" x 24"SELECT
10876" x 58" x 24"SELECT

PocketsHeightBase DiameterTurning Radius
Rotating FileView® for Desktop, Floor or Workstation