T-Scan® System: Slotted Visible Card
Display Panels with Die-cut T-Cards

Display your whole story using these color-coded T-Card steel panels. It puts a wealth of deep detail
data in view. and combines the visibility of a magnetic board with the in-depth data and hands-on
access of a card file. 8 Sizes from 58 to 1160 card capacity. Optional RollAround Stand or tower

Product Code: TCK

H x W: null   #TCK10W-1D - $659

5"h x 3-5/8"w T-Cards come in 10 colors with each multichannel T-Scan kit. (15 colors available). The T-top visible card area is 1" high. Using every 1/2" slot they display 1/2" (or 1" if you use every other card slot).

Steel panels having cup-shaped T-Card file-slots, T-Cards and supplies are Ideal for assembly instructions, materials, equipment and tool control, specifications, maintenance and purchasing, people-Job assignments, Kanban job staging, or your own special application, etc. Kits include a card-keying template. Use it to create your own unique card forms. Display it anywhere you want instant visible card file access with in-depth data. The 58-slot panel columns come side-by-side for a wall-mounted card display of any number of columns or capacity. Shipped assembled and ready for use. Select from 8 capacities shown in the price chart below and order extra panels to expand its capacity at any time.

Systems include the 5"h x 3-5/8"w T-Cards in 5 or 10 colors (perforated 4-up for desktop printing, or individual cards), card-keying template, press-on FlashSpot status signals in 4 colors, month, day, date and action labels to fit the T-Card top for subdividing the display, and card inserts for the cardholder top heading and bottom trims. Top quality. Made in USA by Magnatag®. Money-back guarantee.

T-Scan systems are also available on Roll-Around Stands, in SwingView® 2-sided hinged SwingPanels and on RotoCube® rotating kiosks. Other assemblies with more or less columns, or combined with one or more of our other board systems are available on request.

It's amazing: in this inescapable digital world, the thousands of top companies that avoid frustrating, work-stopping "computer glitches" and keep date in view 24/7 by supplementing their digital systems with our hands-on, visible T-Scan® systems. Workers can see, organize and keep critical information instantly available in their work stations at their fingertips. You can count on our T-Scan® systems to keep right on working while others wait for the computer glitch-fixers to get them back in business. We can also custom position T-card file slots anywhere on our board's printed design.

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We have these T-Scan® card racks installed throughout our warehouse and production areas. In the warehouse they're used to track inventory and to signal reorder points. Anytime that materials are assigned to a job, they're moved from the available inventory column to the used material column. This lets us know what we have on hand at all times as well as providing a visual cue to when we need to reorder materials. In our production areas the racks are used to schedule jobs. As material moves from stage to stage, a corresponding card moves on the rack to indicate its current location. This tells the workers the next job to be done and will warn management of any bottlenecks or delays in the process. Once cards start stacking up at a stage, we can rearrange the workforce to accomodate until things are back on track.

Production Management Assistant - Steel Industrial Components Manufacturer
Mansfield, TX


T-Scan® systems include top and bottom black anodized aluminum C-frame to hold board and column heading titles (blank cards & printed weekday cards included).


Cup-shaped T-Card file slots are built into the steel panel with card recess and finished back. Includes wall hangers.


The die-cut 5”h x 3-5/8”w T-Cards insert into columns of 58 slots spaced 1/2” apart in the steel T-Scan® file panel.


Display the T-Cards with the top 1/2” of each card visible by using every slot or top 1” visible by using alternate slots. The same card with its 1” visible T-section top can be used for 1/2” and 1” display.


Comes with your choice of individual Die-cut T-Cards or printable 4-up perforated letter-size sheets. T-cards come in 10 colors: white, yellow, light blue, light green, salmon, pink, gray, lavender, orange and beige with 7 more colors available.


Die-cut T-cards.


Create your own special printed forms on one or both sides using the card-keying template.

Card-keying template included.


Includes adhesive month, day, date and action labels for T-card tops.

The T-Scan T-Card Visible Card Display Systems

58 Slot
1/2" Vis.
1" Vis.
h x w
Steel Slotted Panels
with T-Cards & Supplies
Wall-mounted T-Scan® System, Assembled and ready-to-use
1 58 29 35-1/4" x 4" SELECT
3 174 87 35-1/4" x 12" SELECT
5 290 145 35-1/4"x 20" SELECT
7 406 203 35-1/4"x 28" SELECT
10 580 290 35-1/4" x 40" SELECT
12 698 348 35-1/4" x 48" SELECT
14 812 406 35-1/4"x 56" SELECT
20 1160 580 35-1/4"x 80" SELECT
**Add-on Individual T-Scan® 58-slot column panels with trim
1 58 29 35-1/4" x 4" SELECT
Roll-Around™ Stand with T-Scan® wall-system mounted on 1 side
12 696 348 76" x 50" SELECT
18 1044 522 76" x 74" SELECT
RotoCube® Rotating floor model Kiosk with built-in T-Scan® System
16 928 464 76" x 19" SELECT

Die-Cut T-Cards of paper index
stock Size: 5" high x 3-5/8" wide

Card Top
Price per pack of 200 T-Cards
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 - 99100 +
Index-stock T-Cards perforated 4-up on Letter Size Sheets
1/2" $29$28$27$26$25$24 SELECT#TCC-5D53
1" $29$28$27$26$25$24 SELECT#TCC-1D53
Index-stock Individually die-cut T-Cards
1/2" $29$28$27$26$25$24 SELECT#TCC-5S53
1" $29$28$27$26$25$24 SELECT#TCC-1S53

NEW Plastic die-cut T-Cards of matte vinyl Use with
damp-erase and permanent markers Size 5" high x 3-5/8" wide

Card Top
Price per package
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
1/2" 100 T-Cards $23$22$21$20$19 SELECT#TCV1-5S53
1/2" 200 T-Cards $41$40$38$36$34 SELECT#TCV2-5S53
1" 100 T-Cards $23$22$21$20$19 SELECT#TCV1-1S53
1" 200 T-Cards $41$40$38$36$34 SELECT#TCV2-1S53

Damp-Erase Marking pens for writing on
Magnets, Film and Plastic-Vinyl T-Cards

Price per Package of 6
1 - 23 - 56 - 1112 - 2324 +
$18.59$18.03$17.47$16.92$16.36 SELECT#MFT6

Magnetic Bulk
T-card Holders

Note: T-Cards Sold Separately

FlashSpot Colored
Signal Labels for T-Cards

Price per Package of 760 Dots
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
$9.89$9.59$9.29$8.99$8.70 SELECT#FSC4A-A4

T-Dex T-Card Portable Easel Ring-Binder
including 6 file-slotted T-Card 2-sided
carrier pages for 5"h x 3-5/8"w T-Cards.

6 240 150 1-1/4" SELECT

T-Dex T-Card slotted Carrier PAGES to fit easel-ring
binder. in sets of 3 tabbed pages per color (6 colors)

Insert Pages
file slots per
page side
file slots
per 3 page set
set of 3 (same color)

20 120 SELECT

2031 O'Neill Road
Macedon, NY 14502


GSA #GS-28F-0010Y

Made in USA
Veteran Owned

All Major Credit cards Supported

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