Magnetic Whiteboard Kits for Task Management

Job and Task Management Tools

When you keep flexible task management tools in view and easy to understand by everyone on your team it means you will run smoothly and efficiently every day. Our whiteboard systems are ideal for visualizing personal or company-wide tasks, keeping track of short and long-term projects, assigning work to teams or individuals, and managing time in detail throughout the month. We at Magnatag® are the leading source for all of your task management needs.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right whiteboard kit for your requirement, or would like to consider a custom-designed whiteboard. Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. Our 50th year.

Project Assignments
Project Assignments
Project Assignments
Display a comprehensive picture of your task and
project assignments showing status and accountability.
Task Scheduling
Task Scheduling
Do-Done™ StepTracker®
Do-Done Project Status Step Tracker®
Turn the yellow magnet over to show green
when a task-step is done. Red = problem.
T-Card Board Organizer
T-DexTracker® T-Card Board Kits
Column format with built-in T-Card file slots. 5 Sizes
Personal Time and
Task Organizer Boards
Personal Time and Task Organizer Boards
For the busy time-conscious organizer - 12 month plan on
the left, 2 month's schedule and 31 task lines for detail.
52 Week Project Planner
52 Week Project Planner
Tracks 16 task lines against a 52 week project
timeline for each of 3, 6, 9 or 12 projects. 4 Sizes
ShadeLine® Printed Rows
ShadeLine® Row Printed Whiteboards
Create your own chart by taping vertical lines over
the alternating soft-gray shaded rows. 9 Sizes
Magnetic T-Card
File Panel
Magnetic T-Card File Panel
Clings tight to steel whiteboards with T-Cards (included)
Shift & Job Managing
Shift Manning and Job Loading
Quickly assign and move color-coded worker
names and / or jobs to work stations by
shift or location and show status signals
Here and Now™ Monthly Dry Erase Calendar.
Here and Now Monthly Dry Erase Calendar.
Hot Issues®
Hot Issues®
When you display your 20 hottest issues on this
board, they get resolved fast ...... It's as simple as that!
Personal Month
Work & Time Planner
Personal Month Work & Time Planner
Personal magnetic Planner. 3
Sizes with 1, 2 or 3 month formats.
Task & Project Matrix
StatusBoard Task & Project Matrix
A detailed wide view of your tasks, jobs, assets, staff
etc. displayed by categories, priorities, etc.. 3 Sizes
Task Monitor
Check-It Task Monitor
Makes sure things get checked. 3 Sizes
Task Tracker
Status Control
Task Tracker Status Control
Instantly spot trouble areas, overloads and
procrastination in time to take action! 3 Sizes
Project Priority Tracker
Project Priority Tracker®
Quickly update and prioritize your team's projects, jobs
or tasks with long colored write-on magnets. 3 Sizes.
365-Day T-Card Dry Erase Calendars
365-Day T-Card Dry Erase Calendars
Displays a visible color-coded 5x3" T-Card each day.
Meeting Agenda Issues
Meeting Agenda Issues
Keeps meetings focused on prepared and
new issues with room for action decisions,
responsibility, accountability and due dates.
Maintenance Task Week
Maintenance Task Week
7-Day Magnetic Task Schedule with
urgency-priority tracking. 2 Sizes
Our-Week™ Action Plan
Our-Week Action Plan
Organize your week plan in detail
Dirty Dozen™
Task Completion Board™
Dirty Dozen Task Completion Board
Your dozen top tasks to keep it in view and get it
done. Optional built-in T-Cards for task details. 3 Sizes
Red Flag
Problem Control
Red Flag Problem Control
Keeps hot problems in view for fast action. 3x4' 25 rows
Custom Whiteboards
Custom Whiteboards
Your design heat-fused printed into MagnaLux®
porcelain-like steel surface. Any color. Any design. Any size.
Do Doing Done™
Task Tracker®
Do Doing Done Task Tracker®
Keeps tasks in view, by status and priority.. 2 Sizes
7 Day Team Work Organizer
7 Day Team Work Organizer
See and monitor weekly work for up to 5 teams. 2 Sizes
Work Organizer
& Job Assigner
Work Organizer & Job Assigner
Assemble, prioritize and assign up to 7 tasks
to people, teams, locations, etc., 2 Sizes
Facility Timeline
365-Day Schedule
Facility Timeline 365-Day Schedule
Flexibly plan, reserve and schedule facilities,
meetings, projects, events, etc, See color-coded
views of both single and multiple-day activities. 4x8'

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