Over 2300 Job-Specific and All-Purpose Magnetic Whiteboard Kits
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Magnetic In-Out Whiteboard Systems

These in and out boards offer lots of ways to quickly find your people.

Select one of these flexible magnetic kits from this broad range of in and out whiteboard designs, tailor it to display the details of your people traffic flow and mount it in a prominent position at or near a busy traffic way so each person just moves a magnet next to their name as they arrive, leave or move about.

One glance shows everyone's in and out status.


There are more complicated needs that can be met as well. In businesses that involve travel, an in/out whiteboard can be customized with off-site locations. Off-site offices like construction offices and direct sales offices can definitely use this organization tool!

There are a variety of on-call boards that hospitals can use to signify quickly who is on call in what department. Contact information can be listed so that off site or on-call employees can be brought in. Managing part-time workers or volunteers can be easier with in/out dry erase boards in a five or seven day work week board. Full-timers who travel a great deal can also utilize these weekly schedules

For a more nine-to-five type of work environment, in/out magnetic boards can be used to keep track of vacations. Long-term project-based offices, such as print shops, can use this design to plan for coverage. Magnetic in/out boards include kits and writing tools.