Attendance and Personnel Management
Magnetic Whiteboard System Kits

Display the information people need to quickly understand their role in your team structure, time task assignments and performance expectations.

These boards make it easy to visualize and update staff organization, track attendance patterns, manage training, showcase top performers and motivate under performers.

Our flexible color coded shift calendars communicate even the most complex or volatile schedules and our made to order magnetic whiteboards are visual tools for human resource management that can insure your overall efficiency by showing everyone what's happening and expected of them at all times.

Organization Charts
Photo Organization Charts
PhotoChart® Organization Charts
They "come alive" with Passport-sized photos. 6 Sizes
365-Day Attendance Tracker
365-Day Attendance- Vacation Schedule
Spot absentee patterns, motivate attendance plan
vacations, training, duty and travel assignments. 3 Sizes
Cross Training™
Cross Training Schedules
One glance shows who's qualified and their level
of proficiency at each training stage. 6 Sizes
Performance Recognizer
Performance Recognizer
A simple answer to a complex problem! 5 Sizes
T Card
Visible Files
T Card Visible Files
Combines the visibility of a magnetic board with the
in-depth data & hands-on access of a card file. 7 Sizes
52 Week
Vacation Planner
52 Week Vacation Planner
Shows requested and granted vacation times. 3 Sizes
Ghost Gridded Org-Charts
Ghost Gridded Organizational Charts
Magnetic Staff Organizational Charts. 7 Sizes. 3 Scales
PhotosUp® Boards
PhotosUp® Boards
Create a photo gallery as fast as you can move your hands!
365-Day T-Card Dry Erase Calendars
365-Day T-Card Dry Erase Calendars
Displays a visible color-coded 5x3" T-Card each day.
See what's happening at each work location
24-7 Magnetic
Staffing Board
24-7 Magnetic Staffing Board
for people & positions. 5 Sizes
Staff Recruiting
Talent-Track Staff Recruiting
Your staff-talent picture with goals,
filled and open positions. 4 Sizes
Business-CardView® Panels
Business-CardView® Panels
From 25 to 250 cards at a glance. 7 Sizes.
Employee Recognition
Employee Recognition
Sincere words of appreciation will be warmly remembered
long after the bonuses have all been spent and forgotten!
Staff Locator
On-Duty Staff Locator
In-Out and where staff is located throughout the day
Absenteeism Tracker®
Motivates Attendance
Absenteeism Tracker® Motivates Attendance
See absenteeism's impact on manpower
shortages vs production capacity
Shift & Job Managing
Shift Manning and Job Loading
Quickly assign and move color-coded worker
names and / or jobs to work stations by
shift or location and show status signals
In-Out 5 or 7-day
In-Out 5 or 7-day Staffing-Week
for Volunteers, or part-time or people. 5 Sizes

Here are some other examples of the ways our whiteboards can serve various businesses and organizations. Personnel management systems are especially useful to companies with a large number of employees. Most likely, these employees take vacations at various times throughout the year. By purchasing one of our made to order 52 week vacation planner whiteboards, a company's manager can organize the vacation times of employees. Consequently, there will always be plenty of staff members present to keep the business running with efficiency throughout the year. In addition, each staff member can look on the whiteboard to see his or her scheduled vacation time. For someone who works in human resources, tools like the 52 week vacation planner whiteboard are invaluable in the effort to stay organized.

If you can't find a magnetic whiteboard solution to your HR or personnel problem in our online catalog, call our experienced system specialist.

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