Equipment Tracking Magnetic Whiteboard Kits

Magnetic dry erase whiteboard system kits to visually track and manage equipment, vehicles, facility and job sites.

Equipment management can be almost headache-free when you tackle it with tools that show you what's happening before it becomes a problem. Here are field-proven white board systems for equipment tracking, performance prediction, location, availability, condition, assignment and maintenance tasking.

When everyone sees you are fully on top of your maintenance needs, these board systems can produce an anxiety-free smooth efficient workplace environment that goes right to your bottom line.

Equip. Control
Equip. Control
Symbolette Equip. Control
See every Symbolette® magnet ID, location & operator
Equipment Symbol Magnets
Equipment Symbol Write-on Magnets
Semi-silhouette printed equipment images
Overall Equipment Tracker®
OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness Tracker®
Numbers that keep you with a competitive edge.
Repair Status™
Equipment Repair Status
See what's down and what's the story! 3x4'
Equipment Rental Usage
Equipment Rental Usage
Rental status & projected needs
Equipment Readiness
See status of each item at its work location
Equipment Overview
Equipment Overview
On & Off Line Status with details
Off Line Equipment Status™
Off Line Equipment Status
New & repair off-line equipment in view
Equipment Service
Equipment Service
Color-coded vehicle and equipment
service workload at a glance. 4 Sizes
Equipment 12-Month Planner
Equipment 12-Month Planner
Anticipate equipment productivity needs
T Card
Visible Files
T Card Visible Files
Combines the visibility of a magnetic board with the
in-depth data & hands-on access of a card file. 7 Sizes
Job-Site Monitor for
Equip. Men & Material
Job-Site Monitor for Equip. Men & Material
Assign, Locate and monitor personnel, equipment
and materials at each job site or work station. 3 Sizes
Vehicle Service Schedule
Vehicle Service Job Schedule
Daily schedule with status of each job in shop. 3 Sizes
Preventive Maintenance Sch
52 Week Preventive-Maintenance Schedule
with optional 365 day Maint. history T-Cards.. 4 Sizes
Equipment Locator
Equipment is In view at its location
showing its status at all times. 2 Sizes
Hot Issues®
Hot Issues®
When you display your 20 hottest issues on this
board, they get resolved fast ...... It's as simple as that!
Vehicle & Equipment
Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance
Schedule by mileage or hours. 3 Sizes
Maintenance Task Week
Maintenance Task Week
7-Day Magnetic Task Schedule with
urgency-priority tracking. 2 Sizes
Tracking Status
Vehicle Tracking Status
See vehicle ID, location, status and schedule. 3x4.
Truck Dispatch and
Route Schedule
Truck Dispatch and Route Schedule
See where every unit is scheduled for a 7 or 14 day cycle
Space Planning
Magnetic Board Kits
Space Planning Magnetic Board Kits
Make instant changes with MagSheet template magnets!
Check-Out and
Reservations Monitor
Check-Out and Reservations Monitor
See the status, location and availability of each item!
Abnormal Status
Equipment Abnormal Status
Signals first-alert to potential equipment failure.
Optional built in T-Cards for problem details. 2 Sizes
Maintenance Repair Sch.
Maintenance Repair Schedule
Ideal for quick, problem-handling action. 3 Sizes
Material Locator
Stock-Monitor Material Locator
See and monitor key inventory items at
shelf, pallet, rack, bay or bin locations.
Delivery and Pickup™
Delivery and Pickup Schedule
Handle delivery and pickup jobs, job requests, multiple
drivers and/or multiple trips in one day or several days
30 Minute Shipping and Receiving Schedule
30 Minute Shipping and Receiving Schedule
Color-coded magnets show your full S &
R situation at a glance. 2 Sizes: 7 or 14
days on 30 minute scale 7:00 AM-3:30 PM
Vehicle and Equipment
Job Site Control
Vehicle and Equipment Job Site Control
Each item's image is in view, in mind and under control.
Gauge Check-Out &
Calibration Schedule
Gauge Check-Out & Calibration Schedule
See the calibration schedule, check-out
status and location of your gauges
Action Board
Fix-It-Now Action Board
Display problem fixing status for all to see.
AM-PM 31-day Usage &
Reservation Schedule
AM-PM 31-day Usage & Reservation Schedule
Facilities or equipment on half-day increments. 2 Sizes
Tool Production Status
Tool Production Status
Track up to 25 toolmaking jobs
Tool Locator™
Tool Locator
Keeps tools organized and in view.
Keeps all gauges in view with IN-OUT Status and Notes.
Trailer Tracker
Trailer Tracker
Track date out, consignee, driver
and when due back. 3 sizes.
Dock Status™
Dock Status
See the loading status at each dock door
Dock Traffic
Dock Traffic
This board will show you the truck or rail status at each
door or loading position and the next in line scheduled.

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GSA #GS-28F-0010Y

Made in USA
Veteran Owned

All Major Credit cards Supported

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